Why is ‘via’ a specialty of Facebooker Vietnam?

Tram Ho

Vì sao ‘via’ lại là món đặc sản của Facebooker Việt? - Ảnh 1.

Advertisers are afraid of being blocked from running ads, so they often have to use via

If you are a Facebook marketing person, many people have heard the concept of ‘via’. This is a term referring to real accounts, hacked and used by others to run ads or do anything else on the social networking platform Facebook.

It is not clear who the ‘ancestor’ gave birth to this concept, but one thing is for sure this is a term used only in Vietnam. Because if you use every way to search for this phrase on any search engine, users will only see results returned in Vietnamese, unlike anywhere in the world.

In fact, via stands for ‘verify information account’, meaning that Facebook accounts are verified. Thus, unlike clone, via account is a real Facebook user’s account with authenticated information, double-layer security, phone number registration, identity card confirmation or personal papers. other.

So what is via used for?

Depending on the period and different period (which may no longer be correct after the time of writing), via is used for different purposes. For example, in the past, via was used to deceive the transfer, take the phone scratch card, to increase the interaction of the post. Occasionally, if you catch your friends screaming for their hacked nick, it is very likely that their nick has been turned into via for others to use.

Today, the purpose of using via is no longer so popular, but instead it is used to run ads, stemming from the need to run against policies and huge online sales of traders, especially during this Covid-19 season. The characteristic feature of these types of via is that the owner still uses Facebook as usual, while the fraudster hijacks the account silently running ads. Literally, this type of via is a nick [at least] two owners.

A world anyone can be via

It is very easy to make a nick via via. In addition to the usual ways of revealing your password, granting access to the app, participating in divination games, watching your changes 10 years ago can all create the risk of revealing tokens leading to loss of rights. Facebook account control.

Another risk is accepting cookies and exposing this information. Cookies are methods to remember browser information so that users do not have to enter a password every time they log into Facebook.

With the situation of revealing passwords, shared passwords or loose passwords, with little regard for personal information security as of today, Vietnamese users are probably also someone’s via email.

Vì sao ‘via’ lại là món đặc sản của Facebooker Việt? - Ảnh 2.

Hacked Facebook accounts are the most abundant source of viability today

This makes Facebook often have to create checkpoints for users to verify unusual activity on their nick and force users to change their password and log out of all devices. This action takes place at any time, annoying but will partially eliminate the fact of becoming via without the knowledge of the Facebook account owner.

In addition, Facebook also provides tools to remove the access of the app, to avoid the disclosure of tokens. Facebook users should also not be eager to participate in gambling and debauchery games asking for permission to access Facebook, because you are probably assisting bad guys to turn your nick into ancient, reputable via.

Exciting market via

With the above methods of account appropriation, the fraudster can get the information (though encrypted) but determine your Facebook account such as time to create nick, main account, double security. , email. At this point, the main Facebook account seems to still be active but completely belongs to the hands of the crook.

Vì sao ‘via’ lại là món đặc sản của Facebooker Việt? - Ảnh 3.

Via is widely sold by Vietnamese

This is not only true for Vietnamese accounts, but that any Facebook account can be within the range of attackers. Therefore, the market for via sale in Vietnam is very vibrant with a full range of via from Europe to Asia, from ancient to new, from few to thousands of friends, from limited budget to run ads. almost unlimited …

With only a few thousand to several tens of thousands, buyers will have an instant satisfied with advertising warranty, commitment to lifetime support. As can be seen, this is a seemingly harmless but unpredictable market. Because if Facebook does not forcefully remove it, via can become a global ‘legacy’, turning this social network into a messy land where no one is real with malicious ads.

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