Why is this change a big breakthrough on iPhone 15?

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Recently, there have been many predictions that the new generation iPhone models will be equipped with a USB-C connector. Apple has also confirmed this information and it is possible that they will make the change sooner than we think.

Is this change a big step forward? Certainly so. According to technology analyst Philip Michaels, this is a breakthrough. In the context of many predictions that Apple will apply this new change right on the iPhone 15 series launched next year, this is the time we need to find out why USB-C is such an important addition. ?

Vì sao thay đổi này là đột phá lớn trên iPhone 15? - Ảnh 1.

iPhone equipped with USB-C port will be a big breakthrough. Image source: Future

iPhone and USB-C

Speaking at a tech event hosted by the Wall Street Journal in October, Apple’s vice president of global marketing Greg Joswiak confirmed that, at some point, the Lightning port on the iPhone will give way to the port. USB-C.

USB-C (or USB Type-C, USB type C) is the standardized name of a connection standard officially announced in August 2014. This name is given to distinguish it from previous generations of USB standards including USB Type-A, USB Type-B.

Another commonly used name is USB 3.1, implying that USB-C is the successor to the USB 3.0 version. Compared to Micro USB, USB-C has an oval structure with a thicker border, consisting of 24 symmetrical pins.

The biggest advantage of USB-C lies in the fact that it offers transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps, which is twice the capacity of the USB 3.0 standard, and provides a much higher power level, up to 20V and 5A. , compared to the 5V and 1.8A levels of previous USB versions. As a result, the time for data transfer and charging on USB-C devices will be significantly shortened, bringing maximum convenience to users.

Vì sao thay đổi này là đột phá lớn trên iPhone 15? - Ảnh 2.

USB-C is a type of USB connection port, to distinguish it from previous models, it possesses 2 similar plugs to help users easily use. Image source: Internet

Apple decided to replace the Lightning port with a USB-C port after the European Union (EU) signed an official document setting December 28, 2024 as the deadline for all new smartphones to be sold in the market. This must use a USB-C port.

Because the iPhone 15 series is expected to launch in the fall of 2023, many people predict that this is also the time when Apple begins to make changes to the new regulations.

Technology expert Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the new connection standard will be applied by Apple to all models in the iPhone 15 series, however, “only 2 high-end models (iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) has a high transfer rate, while the two standard models (iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus) still support USB 2.0 as the Lightning port.”

It should be noted that the iPhone 15 will not be the first Apple product designed with a USB-C port. Its new iPad models, like the iPad Gen 10 released this year, already have this port.

Why is the USB-C port important?

There are a number of reasons why users are excited about the news that the iPhone will have a USB-C port. According to Avi Greengart, an analyst at consulting firm Techsponential, USB-C offers faster data transfers. Besides, iPhone with USB-C port will have outstanding charging speed than iPhone models with Lightning port.

Currently, Apple’s smartphones are supporting 20W wired charging, users can charge a depleted iPhone 14 Pro Max to 50% battery after 30 minutes. However, the problem is that, the top smartphone models of Samsung or Google can charge faster than the iPhone.

For example, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra supports 45W charging, Google Pixel 7 Pro offers 30W charging. While those speeds aren’t terribly fast, they’re still faster than the iPhone’s maximum charging speed.

Meanwhile, OnePlus is continuing to set the standard for fast-charging phones. OnePlus 10 Pro supports 65W charging in the US. Obviously, this is a significant gap that Apple needs to close, and USB-C is the way for “Apple to” accomplish that goal.

Vì sao thay đổi này là đột phá lớn trên iPhone 15? - Ảnh 3.

The arrival of USB-C on the iPhone will usher in a new era of connectivity. Image source: Future

USB-C’s ability to increase data transfer speeds is a very welcome feature by users who have a habit of using their iPhone to take high-resolution photos or videos.

Some argue that Apple could use this faster data transfer rate as another way to widen the difference between the standard iPhone and the high-end iPhone.

However, both Apple and users will incur certain costs for these changes. Consumers will have to pay a larger cost when they have previously invested in cables, chargers and accessories that will soon become obsolete. When iPhones with USB-C ports hit the market, it means all the Lightning cables you’ve accumulated over the years suddenly become useless.

Whether present on the iPhone 15 or in the future, the appearance of USB-C on the iPhone will still mark the end of an old connection era, and open a new one. It will probably take some time for us to adapt but the payoff will be a much better smartphone experience today.

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