Why is OLED technology “storming” on the TV market?

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In recent years, OLED TV has continuously topped the charts of the best quality display TVs, typically Sony’s OLED TV with the “King of TV” award for 2 consecutive years 2018 – 2019 The product line also breaks the limits of traditional display design by creating amazingly thin TVs, a unique design that turns the screen into a giant loudspeaker. So what is OLED display technology, and how does it make a breakthrough compared to current TV models?

Vì sao công nghệ OLED “làm mưa làm gió” trên thị trường TV? - Ảnh 1.

OLED technology gives TV superior visibility

What is OLED display technology?

OLED (Organic Light-Emiting Diode) is a type of organic light emitting diode that automatically illuminates when current flows. When applied to OLED TVs, all the pixels on it glow independently so there is no need for backlighting such as LCD TVs or QLED. This feature also leads to a series of differences such as image quality, color, thinness, power consumption …

When did OLED display come into being?

The first real OLED device was created in 1987, then researched and improved by Sony. In 2004, Sony unveiled the world’s first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with an OLED display and continues to apply this technology to its X-ray recorder and Walkman player. Series.

The first OLED TV model in the world XEL-1 was born in 2007, also produced by Sony and has been brought to Vietnam to exhibit in Ho Chi Minh City. In the following years, Sony was rated as the largest OLED display supplier, focusing on professional OLED display models, which are exclusively for filmmakers, graphic professionals, and designers. The most famous is the screen line of 4K OLED TRIMASTER X Series reference screen, always used as a referee for screen competitions over the past few years. In 2017, Sony introduced its first consumer OLED TV, A1E model and continued to expand this product line with models A8 and A9.

What are the advantages of OLED displays?

Ultra-thin, durable design

OLED displays have self-illuminating pixels and turn on and off independently so there is no need for backlight like LCD or QLED. Removing the backlight layer makes it possible for manufacturers to create ultra-thin TV models. In addition, OLED screens use only an organic substrate so their impact resistance is better and more durable.

Vì sao công nghệ OLED “làm mưa làm gió” trên thị trường TV? - Ảnh 2.

OLED TVs become a subtle highlight in the living room thanks to the ultra-thin screen with hidden cables.

Brilliant colors

Each pixel on an OLED display has independent control, which helps to reproduce colors accurately to every detail. In fact in Hollywood studios, film studios or big design centers, reference screens always use OLED technology because of the absolute color accuracy.

High contrast, absolute black

LCD monitors or QLED use small bulbs to light from behind so even though there are many innovative technologies, it is still impossible to completely block the light from the surrounding lights, making it difficult to achieve absolute black. Meanwhile, the OLED screen with the ability to turn on and off each pixel makes it possible to reproduce the black color. Along with the absolute black color, OLED TVs also have the ability to express pure white to provide superior contrast. According to the image of Rtings image, OLED models such as Sony A9G, A9F, A8F or A8G have 10 points of contrast (absolute), while the most advanced LCD TV models reach 9 , 4 points.

Images move smoothly, wide viewing angles

Thanks to the ability to control each pixel, OLED TVs provide fast response speed, providing smooth moving images. With sports “believers”, football matches will become more attractive when there is no blurring phenomenon when the ball is kicked off, the speed racing screen also brings every moment to amazingly realistic. .

The wide viewing angle is another advantage of OLED displays when viewers who are not in the right position can fully enjoy the color of each frame. This comes from three factors: OLED technology has a very thin structure so the deviation due to dispersion (light shining through the prism is split into many single beams of light) is very small; Absolute black, though the profile is still black and high brightness uniformly.

Electricity saving, environmentally friendly

OLED displays do not require backlight – which consumes no less power when the TV is active. In addition, it also makes the TV radiate very little heat even when viewed for a long time. When displayed in black, the OLED screen even barely uses energy because the pixel is turned off at this point, increasing the power saving capability.

Vì sao công nghệ OLED “làm mưa làm gió” trên thị trường TV? - Ảnh 3.

The advantage of OLED display over LCD or QLED is that the pixels that receive the black signal will be turned off completely, giving absolute black and extreme contrast.

Which OLED TVs are currently hot?

With the above advantages, it is not surprising that OLED screens are becoming more and more popular and become the leading trend of TV industry. Leading this trend must be Sony with the first OLED model in 2007. In 2019, Sony continued to unveil two OLED models A9G, A8G and quickly received much praise from experts. AVSForum rated Sony OLED A9G as “Best of CES 2019”; Reviewed to put this product in the category “CES Editors’ Choice”. The prestigious “King of TV 2019” award was awarded to Sony’s latest OLED MASTER Series, which was also seen as a successful follow-up when the A9F “predecessor” also won the award last year. Or TechRadar’s absolute 5/5 score for OLED A9G, also with the “Editors’ Choice” from TechHive technology page also showed a special favor for OLED line.

Not only OLED technology, Sony also introduced OLED A9G TVs with exclusive technologies to enhance the user experience. The X1 Ultimate processor is twice as powerful as the X1 Extreme generation, and Pixel Contrast Booster enhances the technology to make it as realistic and sharp as possible. Vivid sound with speakers emitted from the screen thanks to Acoustic Surface Audio + enhances bass with two powerful transmitters and two subwoofer.

. Vì sao công nghệ OLED “làm mưa làm gió” trên thị trường TV? - Ảnh 4.

The Google Play app store on the OLED TV is rich with top entertainment applications such as YouTube, YouTube Kids, Netflix, Amazon Video, Google Movies, Spotify, Fim +, Fim4K + ………… ………………………….

Besides, Sony also turned OLED A9G and A8G into an indoor entertainment center with Android 8.0 smart operating system. With this platform, users will enjoy rich content repositories, diverse applications, attractive entertainment games. Virtual Assistant Google Assistant on TV also makes control easier than ever when all can be done via voice, including the control of Smart Home devices – Smart Home has also become reality.

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