Why is it that when people are always eager to watch videos about UFOs, most scientists are indifferent to them?

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Earlier this year, the Department of Defense released two videos showing thermal images of an unidentified flying object (UFO). The videos were immediately shared and scrutinized by the online community. A lot of people think that this is the first real evidence that aliens exist and that they have visited us on Earth.

But there is one little known thing. That most scholars in the scientific community never thought these videos could prove anything.

Because in fact, people have been declaring UFO sightings for decades. Countless videos and photographs capture the existence of objects such as flying saucers, spacecraft or aliens on Earth. Even that includes recent videos, provided by a reputable agency like the Department of Defense. They all look real and trustworthy.

Even in 2012, the US Department of Defense said it had invested a $ 22 million fund, called “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program”. Its content is only for classifying and clarifying videos of unknown flying objects.

Images of unidentified flying objects appear on Underwood’s aircraft radar

“Both planes saw a disturbance and a 40-foot white Tic Tac-shaped body (because it resembled a pill),” said David Fravor, one of the Navy’s pilots. UFO appears in the video above said. “I find it strange because the way it changes its altitude, flight speed and behavior is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in the air. That object doesn’t fly according to physical principles. usually, common, normal”.

According to the pilot, strange objects can be lowered from a height of 15km to a few hundred meters in a few seconds, which is impossible according to physical rules.

All this sounds pretty unbelievable, so why are scientists still not interested?

 Tại sao khi mọi người luôn háo hức xem video về UFO, hầu hết các nhà khoa học lại thờ ơ với chúng - Ảnh 2.

Videos and images of UFOs don’t convince scientists.

Simply because scientists do not work and study in the way we often see and judge things.

“I think it’s very difficult for a scientist to look at something like this and say anything. Except that it looks very appealing. We will need a large amount of material and context to be realistic.” understand what’s going on here, “says Caleb Scharf, an astronomer and director of the Columbia Multidisciplinary Biological Center.

According to Caleb, the biggest difficulty with this type of problem is not being able to plan it. Aside from seeing what is shown on the video, scientists are almost unable to do anything.

What is being said, involves scientific methods. Basically, before scientists accept something real, they need to do a lot of research and experimentation. And all must take place in a controlled environment.

“You can’t plan for it. You also really can’t set up a scientific experiment properly, thoroughly. It all depends on the data that happens to be accidental. And that’s one of “The most difficult problems in the field of science are solved. So I’m not surprised that we still don’t have the right answer for this,” said Caleb Scharf.

In fact, he doubted what pilots for decades had seen outside their airplane window. Even with the new videos released by the US government, there is no exception.

 Tại sao khi mọi người luôn háo hức xem video về UFO, hầu hết các nhà khoa học lại thờ ơ với chúng - Ảnh 3.

At least UFO videos make people curious. And that is a positive thing.

“I think there’s an open mind about this. If you don’t know what you’re seeing, throw it out into the world and say, ‘Let’s see this is what we have. You can paraphrase. it in many different ways’. ”

For scientists, they always need compelling evidence and accurate, best data to explain the aforementioned phenomena. And even if they see things for themselves, experiments are still needed to explain them.

“On the one hand, I might be really skeptical of all this but I think it’s great that people are attracted to the phenomena they see in the world. That’s a good thing. That’s what Our curiosity is a positive one, and to be honest if there are weird things floating somewhere I really want to know what they are. that you cannot plan for it, even if you just observe it “.

Refer to Business Insider

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