Why is Evgo “fever” with Gen Z?

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Gen Z – “living quality” with “green thinking”

“Living quality” has become the manifesto of Gen Z youth – the generation born after 1996 – growing up in the age of civilization and digital technology. However, Gen Z also faces one of the biggest challenges: environmental pollution – which is considered a consequence of promoting the previous development of society. The earth is warming, the ice blocks in the Arctic and Antarctic are melting faster, floods, car smoke, sandstorms … are the information that we encounter every day on all mass media. The “green lung” is also shrinking. And one of the reasons for this situation is due to the excessive use of vehicles using internal combustion engines.

Vì sao Evgo lại “gây sốt” với thế hệ Gen Z - Ảnh 1.

Gen Z chooses EVgo to “live green, live quality” (Photo source: Son Ha)

For young Vietnamese today, “living quality” must be living green, being responsible for family, society and the environment. With “green thinking”, Gen Z is now interested in green living, using recycled and environmentally friendly materials, and rejecting activities that cause environmental pollution. Exploring the world more actively and actively than ever before, means of transportation also gradually changes. Now, instead of “wearing brand name, riding a scooter”, Vietnamese youth prefer to choose the most comfortable clothes and ride a tram.

Why is EVgo electric motorcycle “fever” with Gen Z?

Fashion design, different style

With Gen Z – a group of users with personality and extremely smart, if the product quality is not good, the design is not fashionable, it is definitely difficult to impress them. As “tailored” for this group of users, the two EVgo C and EVgo D models of Son Ha Group possess youthful designs and trendy colors, helping young people express their own personality. myself. If the EVgo C has a sporty, powerful, angular design, suitable for men, the EVgo D seems to be born for women with a light, elegant and compact design.

Vì sao Evgo lại “gây sốt” với thế hệ Gen Z - Ảnh 2.

Stylish design, different style helps EVgo “score” with Gen Z (Photo source: Son Ha)

With EVgo, you can easily choose one of the car colors that suit your preferences such as: pearl white, silver gray, sky blue, blue, brown, black, red of the EVgo C series or pearl white, red, black, light blue, navy blue of EVgo D. Neutral design and wide range of colors help you confidently coordinate your favorite outfits. It can be a neat uniform when going to school or a trendy dress or a T-shirt and active jeans when walking on the street or milk tea with friends.

Moreover, the manufacturer also “pleases” Gen Z students when decorating the body of the car with images with many “hot” topics that are being “hunted” by young people such as images of idols, football players. rock, emotion, animation…, help the car become personality and bring a unique style. Bosch engine is strong and durable.

After the “beautiful” factor, the “durable” criterion is also of particular interest to young people. Inside the compact car named EVgo are high-class and modern details, components and accessories, manufactured by the world’s leading brands of electric vehicles such as Bosch (Germany), Aima (China) ).

Vì sao Evgo lại “gây sốt” với thế hệ Gen Z - Ảnh 3.

Bosch engine is considered the “heart” of EVgo (Photo source: Son Ha)

EVgo is considered to have outstanding quality when owning a German Bosch engine with a maximum capacity of 1,500W. EVgo C and EVgo D have strong and durable performance with a maximum efficiency of up to 86.4%, a top speed of less than 50 km/h and can travel distances up to 60km with just one pass. charging. Age-appropriate electric cars, which are fast enough to catch up with adult traffic, help Gen Z shorten access time to catch up with modern life.

Like petrol motorbikes, EVgo electric motorbikes are also equipped with 3 flexible driving modes. Mode 1 smooth, slow suitable for flat but crowded roads. And when traveling in areas with many bumpy sections, climbing slopes or carrying people/heavy objects, you should switch to modes 2 and 3, which are fast and powerful modes to make the car compact and firm, safer.

Modern technology, environmentally friendly

Applying modern European technology with “5 nos”: No noise – No smoke – No need to fill up – No need to fill up – Tubeless tires – No worries about flooding, both versions of the EVgo have a lifetime due to the manufacturer. announced 15 years, using 5 12V batteries, car voltage 60V with a battery capacity of 20Ah, helping to save maximum energy. Electric cars that do not “smoke” hot, suffocating, do not emit loud sounds and save fuel, bring the image of an active and responsible citizen.

In addition to the “scoring” engine system and “brand-name” spare parts, the technological features are a plus point to help EVgo conquer “young technology followers”. The EVgo electric car has a USB charging port in the front of the car to charge phones and a remote control smart anti-theft key, ensuring safety for the owner.

EVgo electric motorcycle carries with it the mission of spreading the “quality life” and “green life” of young people not only to live every day to the fullest but also to live responsibly for a bright future.

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Source : Genk