Why have a Pixel 4a but not a 4a XL?

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Google Pixel 4a was announced earlier this week, and it’s Google’s latest mid-range phone, with many elements borrowed from its flagship brother Pixel 4, but lacking a few high-end features. level and has a design altered to match its more breathable price.

In 2019, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL mark the first time Google has tested a low-cost phone strategy, and it is clear that the company has found the correctness to continue this strategy in 2020. Minus one point: we Only see the Pixel 4a, and the larger screen version is completely absent.

So why not have the Google Pixel 4a XL? ” Without a bezel, we were able to fit more screen area into a compact body, ” said a Google spokesperson.

We think 5.8-inch is the perfect size for Pixel 4a customers. This screen size has increased by 4.5% (compared to Pixel 3a), while the overall size of the device has decreased. 5.8%, with a more slick industrial design “.

what does it mean?

You shouldn’t expect to see the Google Pixel 4a XL launch later, along with the confirmed Pixel 4a 5G arriving later in the year. Initially, there were rumors that there would be a larger version of the Pixel 4a, but the closer it gets to the launch date, the more it is said that there will be only one device.

Perhaps Google actually thought of a Pixel 4a XL. In the statement, the company appears to have considered reasons to explain why it doesn’t want to launch multiple device sizes in 2020.

Tại sao có Pixel 4a nhưng lại không có 4a XL? - Ảnh 1.

What they haven’t made clear is that the Pixel 4a is the first Google phone to feature a full-screen front-facing display.

On the Pixel 4, although the two black bands above and below the screen have been cut, its forehead is still larger than the Pixel 4a to accommodate the front camear.

As for the Pixel 4a, Google has equipped it with a camera “mole” located in the upper left corner of the screen. Thanks to that, the screen is stretched a little more, providing a larger display area without having to increase the body size.

What’s next?

Google doesn’t disclose specific sales of the Pixel 3a XL, but the number of Pixel phones shipped in 2019 has hit a record ever. That’s good news, despite the rumors that the Pixel 4 sales are not up to the company’s expectations.

The reason for that “victory” is most likely because the launch of the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, the company has expanded into new territories, and even new price segments. Did poor sales cause Google to cancel the large version of the low-cost device? We may never know for sure.

Does the Pixel 4a not have an XL version mean we’ll only see one Google Pixel 5 version? That’s not clear yet, but if Google doesn’t believe there is a market for the Pixel 4a XL, they’ll probably decide the same thing for the Pixel 5 XL as well.

Reference: TechRadar

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