Why does Pixel 5 mark a major turning point in Google’s direction?

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Hidden in the lines of the code for the next update for the Google Camera app, 9to5Google has found information regarding its 2020 flagship model and mid-range chip that it may use.

If correct, this will obviously be a major change in Google’s strategy. The company’s search for an impressive chipset – but less performance – than the Snapdragon 865 chipset that Samsung, Apple, and every other manufacturer plans to use, will create a clear demarcation line between Pixel and its rivals.

But everything seems reasonable. First, the Snapdragon 765 brings many advanced features to a Pixel phone. The most notable is the image processing performance comparable to Snapdragon 855 (processor of Pixel 4) and a version of the 5th generation AI engine on 865. Both will match perfectly with the Pixel Neural Core chip Google’s “developer”, which helped create one of the best smartphone cameras on the market (better than the Samsung S20 in some ways), and top-notch AI features in the mobile industry.

Next is 5G, something that 765 brings to its users despite its relatively cheap price. We have already seen how 5G will drive the price of flagship 2020 models. Samsung’s S10 starts at $ 749, while the 5G S10 costs up to $ 1,299, and the S20 5G goes up to $ 999. Apple, OnePlus, and others may be the same.

It’s unclear how much the Pixel 5 will be cheaper than its competitors if it comes with a Snapdragon 765 processor, but it will certainly be cheaper, and that’s extremely important in an era where smartphones cost over $ 1,000. has become a very normal thing.

Google’s devices stand out for their unique range of features and low prices. Old Nexus phones – despite their uneven performance – are still loved by many, just like Pixel phones. But as prices escalate – and Google is forced to eliminate cost-saving features, such as free cloud storage of high-quality photos – it’s increasingly difficult for users to decide to spend money on them. Pixel phones instead of other devices are no less powerful.

Tại sao Pixel 5 lại đánh dấu một bước chuyển lớn trong hướng đi của Google - Ảnh 1.

The above defects can only be ignored when the phone costs less than $ 600 – not when it costs $ 800 or more. Pixel 4’s poor battery life? It’s an annoying problem, but it can be solved when the phone costs $ 500, and if it costs $ 800, it’s a costly mistake. Memory management problem on Pixel 3? Just a bit of a mistake on an excellent $ 500 phone – but it’s a problem that can make a $ 800 phone lose a friendly look.

And we also had the Pixel 3a, launched last year, with better-than-expected sales, and the Pixel 3 (and potentially the Pixel 4) to not achieve expected sales – both suggesting that Google was right. when following high-end low-cost device strategy.

The main point that makes Pixel worth buying is not the startling configuration or the most advanced display technology. People buy Google phones because of their AI features, cameras, and low prices. Pixel 3a proved this formula and told Google which direction is best.

Going back to the original roots, and giving users a unique experience – the AI ​​experience – on a well-priced phone, is perfectly reasonable that Google should do with the Pixel 5. It’s even more sensible when Their competitors are launching expensive models and then pretending to equip them with numerous new (but meaningless) features to justify the high price.

Google may be preparing to make major changes to the smartphone division if it decides to go in a new direction – and it will force its competitors to change their strategy soon!

Reference: Forbes

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