Why do many Vietnamese people like to buy things from Taobao and Chinese e-commerce sites?

Tram Ho

The trend of cross-border e-commerce has brought Vietnamese people the opportunity to access foreign goods. In addition to shopping demand from Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, many Vietnamese are also sympathetic to goods from Taobao and Chinese sales floors. This can be explained through a number of basic reasons below.

Diversified goods

As a subsidiary of Alibaba, established in 2003, Taobao is growing stronger and more and more products.

 Vì sao nhiều người Việt thích mua đồ từ Taobao và các trang TMĐT Trung Quốc? - Ảnh 1.

Therefore, consumers of all ages and genders can find the goods they need here, from clothes, shoes, bags, glasses, necklaces … to home appliances, home decorations. . In which, each item has thousands of suppliers, with different designs, designs, colors and sizes, suitable to consumer tastes.

In particular, Chinese e-commerce sites have a very specific and transparent assessment framework. Instead of just aggregating it into a 5-star frame, at Taobao and Alibaba, 1688, the rating scale is divided into 4 levels, each level has 5 stars for customers to grade. To get to a higher level of prestige, the shop must strive to maintain its reputation with many orders every day. Therefore, buyers can fully trust stores with a high reputation.

Good price

It is undeniable that the price is the top advantage of products on the Chinese e-commerce floor. With a large scale of production, goods from here are much more affordable than products purchased from domestic brands or designer shops.

 Vì sao nhiều người Việt thích mua đồ từ Taobao và các trang TMĐT Trung Quốc? - Ảnh 2.

Usually from 100,000 – 200,000 VND, Vietnamese people can buy clothes and shoes with relatively stable quality. If taking advantage of the correct sales, the price is only a little more expensive, so Vietnamese customers can own products of prestigious Chinese brands.

A customer in Hanoi specializing in ordering Chinese goods said last winter, she ordered a pair of sports shoes for about 180,000 VND. The product has a nice model, goes comfortably and can still be used in winter this year. Or before that, she also ordered a pair of doll shoes for less than 100,000 VND but it took more than 2 years to fail.

The products from the Chinese e-commerce floors above will easily meet the needs of a part of Vietnamese: The quality is enough, the price is reasonable to change.

Quickly update new “trends”

Undeniably, Chinese e-commerce sites are very responsive to new fashion trends in the market, and this is also the reason why they are popular with many Vietnamese women.

In the summer of 2020, when the trend of wide-legged trousers overtook the skinny-legged jeans trend, Chinese sellers immediately offered many similar products from long, badger designs with both jeans and t-shirt material.

 Vì sao nhiều người Việt thích mua đồ từ Taobao và các trang TMĐT Trung Quốc? - Ảnh 3.

Or in 2020, when pastel purple takes the throne, Vietnamese consumers can easily find gentle, fluttering dresses with all designs ranging from shoulder length, princess spread, fatness, … price to hand is very suitable.

 Vì sao nhiều người Việt thích mua đồ từ Taobao và các trang TMĐT Trung Quốc? - Ảnh 4.

Some restrictions when buying things from the Chinese e-commerce floor

Although the operating system of Taobao or Chinese e-commerce sites has been evaluated well with high convenience, this website still cannot overcome the disadvantages that all online sales channels face. That is, customers cannot preview and touch the products with their own hands, but can only see products through images. Therefore, the photo on the Internet can be quite similar to the actual product and disappoint many customers.

In addition, when ordering Chinese goods, customers have to accept a long wait. To return products to hand, after “single closing” they may have to wait 10-14 days, or even longer in the case of problems such as traffic jam or goods coming back on peak occasions like Tet.

Another problem is that when a product has been imported, it will be difficult to return if an error occurs because of the remote geographical distance. This is also the biggest disadvantage of Taobao compared to buying goods from e-commerce sites in the country.

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