Why did Samsung shake hands with Thom Browne to design a special edition for the Z Series?

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Luxury, class and full of elegance… beautiful words may never be enough when talking about special technology products – Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition. Appearing from the Galaxy Z Flip to the Galaxy Z Fold2 and most recently to the limited edition Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 Thom Browne Edition, both Samsung and Thom Browne have always known how to mix and match creations. iconic work.

Tại sao Samsung bắt tay Thom Browne để thiết kế phiên bản đặc biệt cho Z Series? - Ảnh 1.

Considered as one of the revolutions of contemporary fashion, the name Thom Browne has made a special mark in the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Not only becoming an expensive menswear brand with elegant and attractive slim suits, Thom Browne is also likened to a fashion empire that has contributed to exalting classic values, bringing attractive features of style. modern life to the masses.

Tại sao Samsung bắt tay Thom Browne để thiết kế phiên bản đặc biệt cho Z Series? - Ảnh 2.

In stark contrast to Thom Browne, Samsung is considered one of the giants in the technology industry. Starting with household products, until now, this manufacturer’s name has become famous around the world with a wide range of products that serve all aspects of life. And most prominently, perhaps the smartphone, an indispensable tool that has contributed to changing and shaping the modern lifestyle. With a sophisticated design, sure, although flowery but full of practicality, outstanding Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy Z Series, have gradually become an undefeated symbol in the technology world.

Although the philosophy and design thinking are somewhat different, both Samsung and Thom Browne have a desire to create unique and innovative products that are full of aesthetics. It is this common ground that creates an ingenious union between the two giants, to deliver a masterpiece, the Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition, a true fashion collection with a distinct aesthetic personality.

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With innovative design, features combined with premium materials meticulously completed by distinctive lines and aesthetic taste, each product in the Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition deserves to be a New icon of fashion and technology. Ignoring the differences, both giants find similarities by harmonizing product philosophy as well as brand identity, bringing to the world a perfect technological device down to the smallest detail.

On the other hand, the similarity between the two high-end brands is also reflected in the deep passion for absolute accuracy and timeless values. At Samsung, the Z Series is the epitome of master craftsmanship, where hundreds of thousands of mechanical components work in perfect synchrony, meeting the most demanding requirements for accuracy and precision. extraordinary performance.

Especially the unique hinge mechanism, one of a kind, hidden inside a sturdy metal frame, offers a groundbreaking folding experience and unmatched beauty. Moreover, Samsung appreciates the eternal values ​​when choosing durable Armor Aluminum material, combined with Gorilla Victus tempered glass to give Z Series an unobtrusive, unobtrusive beauty like technology products. but superior in class when the subtle elegance has gone deep into each line.

As for Thom Browne, which is famous for its delicate and precise needlework, every detail, even the smallest, is meticulously completed. Not carrying the “brand” cold gray color like the two old versions, this year Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition has the main matte white color, perfectly symmetrically combined with the shiny silver hinge to bring the look. attractive randomness.

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In addition, the Thom Browne logo ribbon with 3 colors navy blue, white and red on the back of the device not only makes a special attraction but also “prioritizes” the use of new materials for a soft and smooth feel. silk fabric, spreading fashion inspiration throughout the design. This inspiration is also reflected in the theme interface on each Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition, with exclusive icons and backgrounds decorated with the designer’s signature, giving a unique artistic impression. encapsulated in digital products. It is this similarity that has led to the formation of a top-notch technology device in a fashionable shape with Thom Browne class, exclusively for users who are passionate about a standard sophisticated lifestyle.

Tại sao Samsung bắt tay Thom Browne để thiết kế phiên bản đặc biệt cho Z Series? - Ảnh 5.

The beauty of Thom Browne also shows high-class luxury right from the smallest details of the collection. The sophisticated box until the inside is all the accessories included, including Galaxy Buds2 headphones, Galaxy Watch4 watches or even battery chargers, leather cases, and straps that all have stylish, synchronized fashion shapes. way. Every detail, every angle, from the matte white tones, the silver bezel to the iconic tri-color stripe creates unity and a unique Thom Browne-inspired aesthetic. And more especially, this year the number of Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition is limited to a meager 200 sets, creating a real craze with fashionistas or passionate collectors. unique value.

Samsung and Thom Browne – two brands, two separate paths have found a balanced intersection with passion and tireless dedication. And Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne Edition is the result of timeless values, harmoniously combining personality and aesthetics, creating an inspiring harmony where users are the audience. unique.

*The Galaxy Z Fold3/Z Flip3 Thom Browne Edition duo will be officially on sale on August 19, 2021. Customers can own this duo by pre-ordering through the online store. Besides becoming the owner of the top-notch technology products at the moment, customers also have the opportunity to receive many valuable gifts such as a unique Thom Browne wearable accessory set and translation privileges. exclusive service. See more details at: https://shop.samsung.com/vn/

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