Why are third-party lenses better than the iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera?

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iPhone 11 has been equipped with ultra-wide camera. For those of you who have spent a lot of time to buy separate lenses with wide-angle lenses from brands like Moment, Sandmarc or olloclip, the question now should you do with them?

The short answer: keep using it. Because those removable wide-angle lenses are actually better than the iPhone 11’s ultra-wide lenses.

The iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera still needs some improvement

If you pay attention to every single pixel, the iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera will disappoint you. This camera does not support RAW photography as well as Apple’s new Night Mode night mode. It also has a small aperture of only f / 2.4, which means that the lens doesn’t get as much light as the standard iPhone camera. When you zoom in on the image below, you will notice that the details are blurry and there is a lot of noise.

Tại sao các ống kính bên thứ ba lại ngon hơn camera siêu rộng của iPhone 11 - Ảnh 1.

Zoom up to see the difference between Moment’s 18mm lens on the standard camera of iPhone 11 compared to the ultra-wide camera of the device

You get a higher quality picture when you place one of the other third-party super wide-angle interchangeable lenses on the standard iPhone 11 camera, which has a 28mm focal length. With this accessory, you can shoot RAW – an uncompressed file type that stores more details and has a higher dynamic range. You can also take advantage of Night Mode to shoot in low light.

Both Moment and Sandmarc produce videos of different quality, and their removable wide-angle lenses also hold more details than the iPhone’s ultra-wide-angle camera. Sandmarc even tried it on last year’s iPhone XR, and Moment also posted a blog post with additional photos they took.

Tại sao các ống kính bên thứ ba lại ngon hơn camera siêu rộng của iPhone 11 - Ảnh 2.

Sandmarc’s test with its wide-angle lens compared to the ultra-wide camera of the iPhone 11

In the two videos below, you can see that the photos taken by the ultra-wide camera are not sharp when compared to the same scene but taken with the standard iPhone camera combined with a removable lens.

Apple will undoubtedly improve its ultra-wide camera, possibly through an iOS update, and possibly hardware upgrades on subsequent iPhone generations. The ultra-wide camera of the device is still of good quality, especially in terms of correcting software deformation. It is perfect for shooting in bright light, or if your photos are primarily for social networking.

iPhone 11 with Moment lens

SANDMARC wide-angle lens vs ultra-wide lens of iPhone 11 Pro Max

Reference: CultofMac

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