Why, along with a yellow color, do Americans look different to Vietnamese?

Tram Ho

Yellow is always known as the color that brings energy and happy emotions. But according to a new study, not everyone can feel the special effect of yellow. In different situations, each person’s perception of color is also different.

To find out what factors could play a role in influencing color perception, researchers tested a new hypothesis: whether geographic or weather factors affect emotions. people about color or not? For example, if someone living in Finland has gloomy, cold, and rainy weather, will they feel yellow like a person living near the Sahara desert?

Accordingly, the researchers looked at color emotion data from an ongoing international survey of 6625 people in 55 countries around the world.

Vì sao cùng với một màu vàng, người Mỹ khi nhìn vào lại có cảm nhận khác hoàn toàn người Việt Nam? - Ảnh 1.

Emoticons compatible with the yellow color of countries around the world.

The light and dark patches in the map above show how much fun each region has for yellow. Accordingly, most people who live in countries far from the equator often have a more welcoming and excited mood with yellow. For each country, the team conducted a detailed analysis of the hours of sunshine, the number of daylight hours, the annual rainfall and the distance of that country to the equator.

The more people live away from the equator the more psychologically fond of bright colors. Finland is known as a cold and rainy country, its residents have a favorite level of yellow up to 87.7%. In the United States, with a mild climate and a gray sky, there is a 60% level of happiness associated with yellow, while Egypt, a country near the equator, has a joy level of only 5.7. % with this same color.

Vì sao cùng với một màu vàng, người Mỹ khi nhìn vào lại có cảm nhận khác hoàn toàn người Việt Nam? - Ảnh 2.

It is no coincidence that the happiness symbol is yellow.

In the emotional analysis map, Finland is the country with the highest compatibility level with yellow. Interestingly in Asia, Japan is the only country with a high level of happiness with yellow, similar to the US (60-70%). Vietnam is in the mid-range group with an index of 40-50%, similar to most other countries in Asia.

In the same study, scientists have shown that color emotions in humans do not change significantly with the seasons. Whether it’s summer or winter, everyone’s sense of color remains stable.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ