Who is entitled to check and keep the citizen’s identity?

Tram Ho

Regarding this, a representative of the Department of Administrative Management of Social Order (C06) of the Ministry of Public Security said: According to the provisions of the Law on CCCD, the CCCD card is an identification document, used to prove the identity of a Vietnamese citizen. South and used in administrative procedures, other civil transactions. According to regulations, only agencies that execute custody and temporary detention orders; New agencies that execute prison sentences, execute decisions on consignment to reformatories, compulsory education institutions, and compulsory detoxification establishments are competent to temporarily seize CCCD cards.

In civil transactions such as applying for a job, renting a motel room, hotel, overnight stay, etc., there is no right to keep the person’s CCCD, but only the right to request the presentation of CCCD to check information. believe. Previously, with the People’s Identity Card, the same provision was made.

Readers also ask questions: Whether during the CCCD inspection, for example, the hotel reception, can technology devices be used to scan, copy and fake CCCD, steal customers’ personal information or not. are not?

Still according to C06, the current chip-mounted CCCD is integrated with a lot of citizens’ information and can replace many types of papers. For security, the technology applied on the current chip-mounted CCCD complies with the security standards of the world and Vietnam, ensuring that the card cannot be tracked underground, and the information on the card cannot be read if the citizen do not self-present CCCD card to contact card reader (this device is issued by C06 page for functional agencies to scan information in CCCD to handle administrative procedures).

Accordingly, the chip on CCCD only works when in direct contact or in close contact with chip reader devices within 10 cm. In the process of exchanging data between the reader and the chip of the CCCD card, all information is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping and stealing information of citizens.

In addition, the citizen data inside the chip is difficult to counterfeit and change after the card is issued with cryptographic algorithms that comply with the standards of the Government Cipher Board, as well as international security standards. . At the same time, if there is an illegal influence to interfere, the chip will have a data protection mechanism by itself. The chip’s hardware technology as well as the software technologies deployed on CCCD cards ensure against card counterfeiting as well as citizen data falsification. Not only that, the image printed on the CCCD card is the image stored in the chip during the production process, so it is completely detectable when comparing biometrics, so stealing the CCCD card to use it for illegal purposes. legally impossible.

For example, with a CCCD card with a chip, when going to withdraw money at a bank, citizens must scan their fingerprints directly to compare with the fingerprint stored in the CCCD card to identify the cardholder, if the fingerprints match, then withdraw money. Okay. As such, bank staff with cards also cannot withdraw money from citizens themselves.

In case the objects intentionally fake CCCD, the authorities will easily distinguish and detect them when using specialized scanning devices.

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Source : Genk