While the world is suffering from a lack of chips, Apple is making the A15 Bionic for the iPhone 13 earlier than expected

Tram Ho

According to DigiTimes, manufacturer TSMC will begin shipping the first A15 Bionic chips by the end of May. These are the chips that will be in the Apple iPhone 13 series.

While the whole world is suffering from a shortage of chips, Apple’s A15 chip shipping schedule is earlier than expected. According to the original plan, production of TSMC’s A15 chip will begin in May. The new chip is manufactured using an improved 5nm process, based on the iPhone 12’s A14.

Trong khi cả thế giới đau đầu vì thiếu chip, Apple đang sản xuất A15 Bionic cho iPhone 13 sớm hơn dự kiến - Ảnh 1.

The improved 5nm process can give the A15 chip an extra 5% more efficiency and reduce power consumption by about 10%. While the performance boost doesn’t seem to be overly high, keep in mind that Apple’s A14 Bionic chip is already very strong.

TSMC said it will increase the production of chips based on the new process. That means Apple’s iPhone 13 won’t fear shortages of processor chips. While many other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi are all affected.

In related news, Qualcomm may hire TSMC to manufacture the next high-end Snapdragon chip. Currently, Qualcomm has to ask Samsung to manufacture Snapdragon 888 chip on a 5nm process, because TSMC’s 5nm production capacity has been pre-ordered by Apple.

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