Which universities have the best coders in the world?

Ngoc Huynh

At HackerRank, millions of developers, including hundreds of thousands of students, from around the world regularly solve coding challenges to improve their coding skills. In order to figure out which colleges have the best coders, HackerRank hosted a major University Rankings Competition. Over 5,500 students from 126 schools from around the world participated in the event. Companies also assess developers’ coding skills using HackerRank to hire great developers.

According to HackerRank data, the top three best coders in the world hail from:

1. Russian Federation College, ITMO University | Russia
2. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Middle School | China
3. Ho Chi Minh City University of Science | Vietnam

HackerRank engineering team created a formula to rank each university. Each university had to have at least 10 participants to place on the leaderboard.

HackerRank narrowed the data to the top 50 colleges around the world:

Two Russian universities ranked #1 and #6, respectively in the HackerRank University Competition. Meanwhile, Russian universities aren’t listed among the top 50 universities in the traditional US News & World report list. Similarly, we found that Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh university has talented coders, but they didn’t rank high in US News & World report either.

This is not to say that the US News & World Report is misguided. Instead, the results of the HackerRank University Competition suggest that such traditional academic rankings aren’t the only source of the best coders in the world.

Meanwhile, University of California–Berkeley, which is one of the famous universities in the world, only ranked 4th, and Sun Yat-sen Memorial School Midle School of China ranked 2nd in the list.

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Source : https://blog.hackerrank.com