Which country has the best computer programmers and developers?

Ngoc Huynh

HackerRank, a free coding practice website, has published a study showing which countries have the best programmers and developers. The top 3 positions were captured by China, Russia, and Poland. The US and India, the traditional coding giants, managed to land on 28th and 31st positions, respectively.

Based on the speed and accuracy, HackerRank has ranked more than 1.5 million developers. Its recent study shows that China has the world’s best programmers, followed by Russia and Poland. While China emerged as the top performer by scoring 100, it won by a hair as Russia scored 99.9 out of 100.

Asian tech giant China managed to outscore all other countries in the field of mathematics, data structure, and functional programming challenges. The silver medalist Russia dominated in the algorithms, which is also the most popular and competitive arena on HackerRank.

While the traditional programming powerhouses like the US and India have the most number of participants on the website, they performed poorly. The US ranked 28th, closely followed by India at 31st position. And Vietnam ranked 23th.

Here are the top 50 countries with the best developers. They are ranked by average score across all HackerRank challenges.

HackerRank also did statistics the most popular programming language in each country based on the number of tests were performed. Accordingly, the most concentrated languages of Vietnamese developers come from Java and C ++, followed by Python, SQL and Ruby.

In addition, HackerRank ranked for countries with programmers that never give up on a challenge. According to this table, users from Vietnam ranked near the bottom of this table (40/50, accounted for 5.6%).

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Source : http://fossbytes.com/