Which application does the Chinese use to cope with the Corona virus?

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Người Trung Quốc dùng ứng dụng nào đối phó virus Corona? - Ảnh 1.

The man wears a mask on a train in Beijing on January 28. Photo: AFP

The new strain of the Corona virus (nCoV) has swept China since January and claimed 636 lives in the country alone. In order to help people cope with the disease, especially when fake news and rumors spread, the country’s technology companies have introduced many solutions to update the situation, provide free health advice and answer questions about nCoV.

1. Real-time virus tracking

Qihoo 360 and NoSugar Tech develop platforms that allow users to check if they are traveling with a person infected with the Corona virus. Data on the platform comes from authentic sources such as state newspapers, local websites. The platform is supported by Qihoo 360’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure timely, accurate information. NoSugar Tech cooperates with People’s Daily to assess the accuracy of the source.

Users only need to enter the area, travel date, flight / train number to see if the infected patient has the same itinerary. The platform supports searching for public transport such as trains, airplanes, buses, taxis, subways. Since January 31, more than 55 million people have used the service.

Residents in Guangzhou, Shenzhen can see if any patients who live near them are not on the WeChat sub-program. It maps the cases by synthesizing reports from the authorities.

Map company QuantUrban also launched a similar tracking tool on its map, covering nine other cities in Guangdong.

2. Free online doctor consultation

Baidu introduces an online physician consultation platform to people asking questions about Corona pneumonia. Thanks to online consulting, the platform somewhat eliminates people’s anxiety and reduces the hospital load. Users from Wuhan are prioritized to search across platforms.

Free service provided on Baidu application. As of February 6, more than 92 million people visited and more than 2.7 million questions were asked. Baidu also embarked on other online healthcare services such as Ping An Good Doctor and WeDoctor to integrate their doctor resources into the platform, improving the quality of counseling.

3. FAQ on artificial intelligence

Thanks to AI integration and voice recognition, it answers various questions thanks to information provided by the authorities such as nearby hospitals, how to choose a standard medical mask. In the unlikely event that it is answered, it will pass the question on to humans. According to Alibaba, the system successfully handled over 92% of online questions on the first day of operation on the platform of the Zhejiang provincial government.

As of February 1, the system was deployed in more than 30 provinces and regions across China, including Hubei, where the virus was first discovered.

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