When Tech people make a wedding of type 4.0: Make a website for guests to confirm or not, including the account number to transfer money conveniently

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If you can't go, send your greetings through this website and send your money via STK to the web.

The era of technological development, an important event such as weddings will certainly not be outside this development. In recent years, we have witnessed many small changes in wedding invitations, such as the guest who swiped the card on the spot instead of putting the cash in the envelope, the bride and groom receive the money transfer … And recently, a couple brought the 'Wedding Invitation' to a 'new height', the highlight of 4.0 technology . That is to make a website!

Invite a wedding with the website, have a map and … bank account number

Being a technology man, it is not difficult for Doan Thien Phuc (30 years old, living in District 7) to come up with ideas and build a website for his wedding ceremony. What does this site have? Wedding photos, wedding clips, "natural love" of him and his wife … The most important is the wedding registration form for guests to fill in information and confirm whether to go to the wedding or not, the directions map to the party Wedding and the owner's account number (STK) for those who are absent to congratulate!

This card has enough information to lead to the confirmation website.

If you are invited to Phuc's wedding, you will first receive a paper card with pre-printed codes and web addresses. After that, you access the web, click the Confirmation button to enter your personal information, including your name, e-mail, phone number, invitation number, number of attendees … After you finish, you will be confirmed by clicking on the funny text: 'Ok. So fast! ' In case you can't come? Fill in the number 0 to confirm the number of wedding attendants and save your employer 's STK below the article to facilitate remote congratulations.

Part filling in confirmation information.

Navigation map.

Transfer information.

Besides, the website also recorded the couple's very cute love journey, from the " How did she trick me? …" to 'We signed the sales papers for each other'. The interface is simple, easy-to-see and creative, this website really makes others feel happy and doesn't feel uncomfortable often when being invited to the wedding.

It is known that this is the product of Mr. Doan Thien Phuc born in 1989, graduated from an IT master in France, a CEO & General Director of a technology startup company. His wife, Phuong Thuy, graduated in Russia and is currently working at a state agency.

Love begins with 'crush secretly' on Facebook

When asked how his love story began, Mr. Phuc said: 'I have known my wife for many years, since I was an IT student at the School of Natural Sciences, through photos of many students. Other share in facebook group. The first time I saw a picture of my wife at that time, I secretly admired her because she was pretty. The whole class is trying to follow or make friends with her. Me too. After that, I always watched the pictures of my wife when I went to study in Russia until I came back to Vietnam. Whenever she shares feelings from social issues to economics, I feel very much like my thoughts. However, we never talked to each other.

Until one fall in 2018, I took up the courage to text my wife late at night because I knew my wife or went to bed early, whoever knew that day would stay up late reading books and then she would answer me immediately. instantly. Only later did I know, my wife often looked at my personal page and also had a little impression of me, so when I wrote my wife, I answered. So we started chatting all night. '

Thuy is a very beautiful, lovely girl.
The two soon knew that they were half of each other, because the more they talked, the more strangely they understood each other. In Mr. Phuc's eyes, his wife is a girl 'not only beautiful but also very good in many areas from painting to poetry, playing the guitar well or wonderful'. After many refusal to meet but only "respond" by hand letter, Ms. Thuy finally agreed to meet him at an elevated restaurant in Saigon. And the result of that meeting was that both of them did not want to be separated.
There are many reasons why two people decide to stick together for life. 'We often do strange things together, so many moments each of us sees our image in the other person. A time of heavy rain, the couple decided to drive to see the rain fall on the Thu Thiem tunnel. Watching rain, just choose music to listen to. I really like a song that I can't remember the title of the song and at that time I just said it to my wife with 1 sentence 'he likes a song in which there are two people who just played the guitar and fired fire but forgot The name is gone. '
So for no more than 5 seconds, she turned it on properly because it is already in her list! It is a very strange song for Vietnamese people, and it is not very popular … From that moment, we feel that we should not hesitate to go home and do the craziest things together – ' Phuc said.

Both are very compatible from the point of view to music listening.

People working in engineering , IT … often 'rumored' are very dry, less romantic. But Phuc is different. 'I always have a clear distinction, with work, there must be a cold head and logic, but with family and friends, we must live with the heart. So with my wife, I think I am romantic enough to make her happy ” – he said.

Sharing about the reason for making the web, Mr. Phuc admitted that the couple were very busy with their work, to the point that 1 month before the wedding, the two realized that they had not prepared anything yet. So the idea of ​​website was born. As a foreigner, both of their thoughts were generous, comfortable, disliked by too sophisticated and stylish things, so was the wedding. So one job at a time, from getting quotes of more than 20 restaurants to closing menu items, designing cards, making the web only take less than 5 days. 'And the wedding website is also the way I want to cherish the wonderful moments that the couple have been together, I am also happy to share the humorous pictures of my wife but she sneaks deletion targets '' – he told Phuc humor.

When asked whether the couple wanted to limit common incidents in Vietnamese weddings, for example, to invite two people but to go to the whole family, they promised to go but did not see it … so they made this site, Mr. Phuc frankly: '

For older people, this 'online wedding invitation' is no big deal. Besides, he also prepared paper cards for them. It can be said that the website has made all guests feel excited. At its peak, there are days the site attracts more than 7 thousand hits.

After the wedding took place successfully, Mr. Phuc will still maintain this website to retain memories as well as upload photos, wedding clips … And later, the website is also used to post pictures. photos of a couple's baby as well as a married life.

Check out this newlyweds' Web here: http://phuc-thuy.wedding/

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