What’s new in iOS 13.5: Detects exposure to COVID-19, makes unlocking your iPhone easier when wearing a mask

Tram Ho

In the early hours of this morning (April 30), Apple released the iOS 13.5 Beta update for developers. This is an update that was apparently created to address the problems iPhone users encountered during the COVID-19 season.

Exposure detection COVID-19

Previously, Apple and Google said they would work together to create a common platform, allowing governments and health authorities to develop applications to monitor and control COVID-19.

Specifically, smartphones running iOS and Android will be able to communicate with each other via bluetooth. If a person (temporarily called A) is found to be positive for COVID-19, all those who have been exposed to A for a period of 14 days will receive a notice that they may have been exposed.

However, Apple and Google will not build their own COVID-19 tracking application. Instead, Apple and Google will provide APIs to developers (government and health agencies) and help them develop applications that meet the requirements of each country / organization.

This API is now available on iOS 13.5. In case users do not want to participate in contact tracking program, they can completely turn off that feature.

iOS 13.5 có gì mới: Phát hiện phơi nhiễm COVID-19, mở khoá iPhone dễ hơn khi đeo khẩu trang - Ảnh 1.

Unlocking iPhone is easier when wearing a mask

Face ID technology is creating a lot of annoyance for users during this COVID-19 epidemic season, when they can not unlock their iPhone when wearing a mask. Most users have to enter a password manually every time they want to use their iPhone.

On iOS 13.5, Apple made some changes to make this process easier. Users will still not be able to unlock with Face ID when wearing a mask, however, the password input screen (Passcode) will appear faster, thereby saving more time.

The password input table (passcode) appears faster when the user wears a mask.

Group FaceTime interface less “eye strain” more

With the barriers created by social isolation, many people are using FaceTime as a tool to meet others. Since iOS 12, Apple has added a group FaceTime feature, allowing users to have group conversations with up to 32 people.

However, what some users complain about the group FaceTime feature is its “dizzy” interface. When someone is talking, the frame around him will be made bigger than the others, creating a “chaotic” scene when there are too many people talking at the same time.

iOS 13.5 có gì mới: Phát hiện phơi nhiễm COVID-19, mở khoá iPhone dễ hơn khi đeo khẩu trang - Ảnh 3.

Therefore, on iOS 13.5 Beta, Apple has added an option to help keep the video frames of group FaceTime participants at a fixed level. Users can adjust this option by going to Settings> FaceTime.

Currently, iOS 13.5 is still in beta and will soon be released to end users in the near future.

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