What’s happening with Twitter: Massive liquidation of stuff at headquarters, from the blue bird logo to the coffee machine

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If you want to own part of Twitter’s headquarters, this is your chance. CNN recently reported that Twitter is auctioning dozens of souvenirs and supplies from their office in San Francisco.

Specifically, billionaire Elon Musk’s company is cleaning up the office and looking for ways to reduce furniture, from the statue of a blue bird to the giant sculptural “@” plant pot. Some of the less interesting ones include projectors, iMac desktop monitors, and standing desks. There are also plenty of espresso machines and e-bike chargers.

The online auction will take place on January 17 and end the next day, said Heritage Global Partners, the company supporting the “liquidation”. Starting prices for all items range from $25 to $50.

Chuyện gì đang xảy ra với Twitter: Thanh lý hàng loạt đồ đạc tại trụ sở chính, từ logo chim xanh đến máy pha cà phê - Ảnh 1.

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After taking over Twitter at the end of October, Musk has enacted a number of measures to cut costs. He fired about half of the company’s staff, leading to a group of former employees filing a lawsuit alleging mass layoffs without proper notice.

“Twitter has suffered a severe drop in revenue as activist groups pressurize advertisers, although nothing has changed with content moderation and we have done everything we can to appease the activist ,” Musk said in a November 4 tweet.

As for Twitter’s auction of headquarters items, some say it probably won’t help much if the company wants to improve its finances since the items are pretty trivial.

Before that, Musk has repeatedly caused controversy with his cost-cutting measures. For example, the 51-year-old billionaire asked Twitter to cut $1 billion in annual infrastructure costs, setting a goal of saving between $1.5 million and $3 million per day from servers and cloud services in the future. his plan to cut deep. This request from Musk raised concerns that Twitter could be “down on power” during large events with high traffic.

Chuyện gì đang xảy ra với Twitter: Thanh lý hàng loạt đồ đạc tại trụ sở chính, từ logo chim xanh đến máy pha cà phê - Ảnh 2.

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In addition, Musk also asked to cut off the free lunch for employees because each such meal costs the company about $ 400. At the end of November, an employee said that Twitter’s canteen only had cheese pasta and salad, while before it had grilled shrimp. In another internal email, Musk said he will only pay a part for food and drinks instead of free as before.

Not stopping there, Musk also drastically cut many other benefits including gym card, Internet fee payment for employees working from home, phone fee or child support fee. The billionaire even refused to pay the business travel bills of the company’s senior executives if the trip took place before he took over Twitter, arguing that he was not the one to approve.

Since taking over, Musk has created a lot of turmoil at Twitter. Last week, Musk drew attention again with the news that he had turned a series of meeting rooms at the Twitter office into bedrooms equipped with some furniture such as bedside tables, armchairs, sofas converted into beds, wardrobes clothes and washing machine.

Source: CNN, BI

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