What you should know About HTML to WordPress Conversion

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Enjoying approximately 60.4% market share, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for website development. The most important thing about this platform is that it is quite an appropriate platform that developers leverage proficiently to create a range of websites, from a simple blogging website to a complicated eCommerce store.

Getting your business websites developed on the WordPress platform is indeed highly beneficial and lets you avail numerous benefits that you will hardly find with other available CMS platforms.

If we talk about the most important benefit of WordPress, then ‘easier content management’ is something that always comes first in this list. It is not the benefit but can be said as a great USP of the website powered by WordPress.

In this post, you are going to explore various reasons that prompt people to hire HTML to WordPress conversion services. We are going to explain everything in detail and also with clarity to help you grasp everything without any ambiguity. You will also go through the entire process of converting your business website to WordPress.

Let’s dive into details of everything.

Process to Convert HTML to WordPress

Take a look at several steps used for converting a website to WordPress. Go through one by one.

Analyze your HTML-powered Website

It is the first and the most crucial step that one needs to follow properly before he/she performs the task of converting your static HTML website to WordPress. Besides, you need to also check your website thoroughly to find if it contains any irrelevant or useless content.

In case, if you find any such content, you can easily clean it to enhance the usefulness of your website. Other important things that you should analyze are navigation, contact page, registration, email subscription, etc.

Get Details About WordPress

It’s important to be aware of WordPress and this is something that you can do only by installing it properly. Well, the installation process is indeed quite smooth and easy. Once you install WordPress, you can then get detail in terms of how it functions.

Create a Backup of your Existing HTML Website

You need to create a secure backup of your existing website developed on HTML platform before migrating it to the new platform. This is indeed the right precautionary measure that will prevent you from facing a situation like data loss or similar.

Perform Migration from HTML to WordPress

This is the main and a highly important step of the entire conversion process. Of course, it is highly tedious. You need to carry it out properly. Meanwhile, one needs to be proficient in leveraging HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Reasons why you should Opt for HTML to WordPress

Multi-user Capability

WordPress is popular for having multi-user capability and thus gives you complete control over your website and lets you do everything easily. For instance, one gets the liberty to set up their editor accompanied by the user account and using the same they can create, add, and edit the content to their website.

Safety and Security

If we talk about safety and security, WordPress tops in this list. WordPress gets updated over 25 times. These important updates are indeed crucial for improving the security and safety of such a platform that makes it the most preferred platform for everyone.


It is another great feature that gives WordPress an edge over its rivals. WordPress comes with a clean code structure and is also packed-in with several search optimization tools like a blogroll, permalinks, pingback, etc. Besides, WordPress is also blessed with a clean code structure

Upgrade Hassle-free

Those websites developed on the WordPress platform often take less time, when it comes to upgrade compared to those of static ones. Meanwhile, the WordPress platform also prevents you from handling complicated firewall settings or also various other related services.

Vast Community Support

WordPress enjoys its vast community support and lets developers gather and share important ideas to keep themselves updated and thus serves their clients with quality solutions.


So, above are some crucial information regarding HTML to WordPress conversion services. If it excites you, it’s the right time for you to get in touch with a reliable company possessing expertise in rendering world-class HTML to WordPress conversion services.

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