What makes Galaxy S20 become the “trend maker” this summer

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Summer is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the relaxing moments after a long period of social separation when the entertainment activities are gradually restored and put into orbit. For young people, traveling “stress relief” is probably the first priority choice because it not only brings new experiences but also unforgettable memories during this period.

Điều gì khiến Galaxy S20 trở thành người tạo trend trong mùa hè này - Ảnh 1.

Galaxy S20 also creates accents by “pleasing” users when simultaneously launching two limited-color versions that are extremely trendy. Compared to the bright breath of summer, as the name implies, Galaxy S20 Ultra White Thien Van is a cloud cluster with a unique rainbow effect that you can always see when lying on the beach relaxing. . Or it is also the white of the pure fine sand with the sound of the waves, reminiscent of the joyful summer trips.

This fresh white color also brings a clear difference between the forest of flashy color styles that stand out on the current smartphone market. Not just a phone, Galaxy S20 Ultra White Thien Van also serves as a high-end fashion accessory that can be used with almost any outfit. Just modestly ton-sur-ton with office clothes, elegant owner or more simply as a highlight for the colorful dresses to welcome the summer.

If the pure white color of Galaxy S20 Ultra White Thien Van is the dash for the elegance of the user, the trendy purple color of both Galaxy S20 + BTS version proves its attractiveness in the Galaxy S20 family.

Điều gì khiến Galaxy S20 trở thành người tạo trend trong mùa hè này - Ảnh 2.

If you are an ARMY (BTS band fan community), you cannot miss the Galaxy S20 + BTS limited edition. Inspired by the “I Purple You” saying that BTS is for ARMY, Galaxy S20 + BTS wears a trendy purple color and the band’s logo is exquisite on the back.

Considered a global cultural symbol, BTS’s music always spreads a positive message to “heal” others with the same passion and youth. Therefore, an outstanding purple heart has been placed neatly on the camera cluster to show sincere steadfastness, seeding hope in accordance with the spirit that BTS always conveyed in each of its lyrics for fan.

Điều gì khiến Galaxy S20 trở thành người tạo trend trong mùa hè này - Ảnh 3.

Galaxy S20 + BTS also pulls the distance between the group and the fans when it comes with exclusive decorative stickers, with the Weverse app – BTS platform and Galaxy Buds + BTS headphones for you to always be immersed in the tunes Idol’s sweet anytime, anywhere. This is the perfect symbol for the inspirational connection between technology, music and fans.

Owning to the “top” technology such as Space Zoom 100x or 108MP sensor, Galaxy S20 + / S20 Ultra itself has brought superiority when placed next to other high-end smartphones. The ability to capture clear, beautiful images regardless of lighting conditions makes it easy for users to record the whole fun or travel with friends in the simplest way.

Điều gì khiến Galaxy S20 trở thành người tạo trend trong mùa hè này - Ảnh 4.

The Single Take or One-Touch feature allows you to get more photos with a single press. All are done in just one press, to bring the best results for you to choose.

The whole process of “virtual living” will turn into video clips with interesting effects, bringing you laughter and excitement every time you watch it. No need to pay attention to the technical factors when Single Take took care of all, your job is now more focused on ideas, bringing the comfort of creative thinking to the highest level.

Combining the technological prowess of the Galaxy S20 + / S20 Ultra with its artistic colors with two limited editions, Samsung once again takes the user experience beyond the ordinary limits. It is a source of creative inspiration, ready with young people to be creative and thriving in life.

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