What is the solution to increase revenue and optimize e-commerce website with a limited budget?

Tram Ho

Customers only take 1s to click on the website to buy and just 1s click “x” to exit. The mission of the business is to keep their customers on the e-commerce website as long as possible to increase sales opportunities.

What happens if e-commerce website loads longer than 3s due to slow loading, crashes due to attack or glitch due to overload?

Reduce visitor interaction, frustrating and frustrating customers with poor user experience, negative impact on purchasing decisions, increased website abandonment rate, brand reputation and reduced customer confidence shot because of system-crash attacks?

The answer is: “All!”.

So businesses must “renovate” the website quickly, because time is gold and silver competitors are still eager to pull customers on their side anytime, anywhere.

If you are still not convinced and believe how important the stability, speed and security of e-commerce website is, let’s take a look at the following figures:

Response time is 100 milliseconds late, resulting in a 7% drop in conversion rate

Bounce rate increases by 103% with every 2 seconds increasing in page load speed

79% of customers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to return to purchase

44% of online shoppers will tell relatives and friends about their online shopping experience they feel unsatisfied

Amazon discovered that every 100 milliseconds latency will cause them to drop 1% of sales. Google statistics increase every 0.5 seconds during search page load will cause them to reduce 20% of traffic.

Giải pháp gì để tăng doanh thu và tối ưu website TMĐT với ngân sách có hạn? - Ảnh 1.

The ability to browse smoothly and smoothly has great benefits for websites, especially e-commerce sites. If the business wants to serve customers as quickly as possible, then all the elements that are a barrier to customer experience must be removed!

The three major technology fundamentals that have the greatest impact and make a significant change to the website are Cloud Server, CDN content distribution network and Load Balancer.

How does Cloud Server, CDN and Load Balancer impact the operational stability and speed in e-commerce websites?

Hosting websites on Cloud Server is a right decision because the website will be faster and more secure than using normal hosting or VPS. At the same time, Cloud Server allows e-commerce enterprises to manage the website’s scalability, depending on the traffic and actual resource needs to serve all visitors to buy, without downtime. Compared to normal hosting, Cloud Server creates huge advantages for all websites.

However, almost every website today has moved to the cloud, which means that even when businesses are using Cloud Server, the performance of the website is only on par with most other websites in terms of performance. (because every website uses Cloud Server, they all get the same benefits). Therefore, in addition to having to use Cloud Server is obvious, businesses need to deploy more CDN and Load Balancer to improve speed and customer experience.

A CDN is a collection of servers distributed at different locations that contain website components, sending data to visitors from the nearest server, resulting in significantly faster page load speed. Besides, CDN also helps the website to minimize DDoS attacks that cause unwanted website crashes. Load Balancer, meanwhile, is a feature that helps optimize performance and ensure that no Cloud Server is overactive.

Both CDN and Load Balancer are used in conjunction with Cloud Server to help maximize website performance.

Giải pháp gì để tăng doanh thu và tối ưu website TMĐT với ngân sách có hạn? - Ảnh 2.

Optimizing your website but still ensuring low cost is the top task that businesses are performing

Hurricane Covid passed through and left many economic losses in the business. Although still austerity, but users have also begun to tend to spend more freely for shopping. Number of customers, shopping cart value has improved significantly.

Businesses must take advantage of this golden time to maximize online revenue to offset the lost offline in physical stores by prioritizing effective website optimization solutions with the lowest possible cost.

Want to increase revenue, you have to spend money to improve the website, but spend money so that it is effective, for “low” to match the exhausted budget after the epidemic?

In fact, it doesn’t have to be “big” to work. Enterprises only need to choose a provider of 3 solutions: Cloud Server, CDN, Load Balancer, which is separately packaged for suitable e-commerce websites, to meet the expectation: Low cost – High efficiency. (For example, the Cloud Server package is only VND 3,000 / day, CDN only from VND 800 / 1GB, Load Balancer only from VND 694/1 hour of BizFly Cloud).

In addition, a reputable, experienced and experienced cloud service provider will provide practical and practical technology advice that best suits the situation of each business, especially in the field of e-commerce. .

BizFly Cloud is the lowest cost multi-service provider in the market in cloud computing, operated by VCCorp.

BizFly Cloud is one of the four key enterprises in the Ministry of Information and Communications’s “Campaign to promote digital transformation with Vietnam cloud computing”; fully meet all criteria and technical specifications of cloud computing platform serving e-government / e-government.

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