What is the famous Vietnamese tech vlogger waiting for from the Galaxy Note20?

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In less than 24 hours, Samsung will officially launch the new Galaxy Note20 duo, the most expected high-end product line of the second half of this year. The Galaxy Note20 duo this year is expected to bring significant upgrades in terms of design, performance and additional features such as S Pen, Samsung DeX …

Ahead of the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, three famous technology vloggers in Vietnam: Tan Mot Cu, Hai Trieu and Duong De had the opportunity to talk together to discuss the new Galaxy Note series this year. , and reveal what all three are expected of the new Galaxy Note duo.

Vlogger nổi tiếng làng công nghệ Việt chờ đợi gì từ Galaxy Note20? - Ảnh 1.

Galaxy Note series – Monument of high-end smartphones

It’s been a long time since we talked about high-end phones, we can’t help but mention Galaxy Note devices from Samsung. The Galaxy Note series is not only a desirable product line for mainstream users but also a device that is most expected for technology vloggers.

Mr. Tan Mot Cu, a famous technology vlogger at Schannel, shared his feelings and predictions about this year’s new Galaxy Note20 series: “At the moment, smartphones have reached the saturation point. It is necessary for the Galaxy Note to have a better experience, more features and can help us solve many problems in life. And I believe this year’s Galaxy Note20 will be able to do it well. “

Vlogger nổi tiếng làng công nghệ Việt chờ đợi gì từ Galaxy Note20? - Ảnh 2.

As for Mr. Duong De (Truong Ngoc Duong), sharing about the new Galaxy Note series, he said his demand for smartphone use mainly focused on two factors: work and entertainment and the Galaxy Note from So far, I’ve always met these two needs well.

Agreeing with Duong De, vlogger Dang Nam Hai Trieu is also a smartphone user with high demand for work. In addition, for a technology vlogger, the design and configuration elements are always appreciated. “Smartphones are now not just a phone, but also a piece of jewelry. So first of all a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy Note20 needs to be beautiful, then the configuration should be smooth.” . “

Vlogger nổi tiếng làng công nghệ Việt chờ đợi gì từ Galaxy Note20? - Ảnh 3.

What to expect from the new Galaxy Note20?

Of course, at the talk, tech vloggers did not forget to reveal their expectations for this year’s Galaxy Note generation. With Tan Mot Cu, based on leaked rumors and the development of technology, he expects this year’s Galaxy Note20 to support 5G in Vietnam market. “The 5G support on the new Note in Vietnam is like a ticket to help users reach the future because the 5G network is currently in the development stage and will soon be deployed in Vietnam market.” .

As for Hai Trieu, to be able to expect a new Note, additional elements such as the feature S Pen stylus, Samsung DeX or smoother 120Hz screen will be what he expects from the Note generation. this time. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the 5G factor because Vietnam will soon officially launch this mobile network technology.

Vlogger nổi tiếng làng công nghệ Việt chờ đợi gì từ Galaxy Note20? - Ảnh 4.

Besides 5G, Mr. Duong De also hopes that the Galaxy Note20 in Vietnam will have a more version running the Snapdragon 865+ chip to be able to meet strong demand for performance because of the relatively high price of the new Galaxy Note. It is understandable that users expect the most powerful chip today.

TalkShow Galaxy Note20 before launch

It is expected that the Galaxy Note20 duo will be officially introduced by Samsung at the Galaxy Unpacked event held at 21 pm Vietnam time tonight. Let’s wait and see Samsung will bring users interesting things!

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