What is the difference between Solution Architect and Software Architect?

Many friends send questions to us through the website. There is an interesting question: "What is the difference between Solution Architect and Software Architect? ". And there are many businesses who are looking to recruit this position, so developers – developers choose the system architecture to make their career direction. There will probably be many other friends who want to ask similar questions so we would like to reply to the newsletter.

These two roles often appear in the structure of large technology enterprises. Businesses will have different job descriptions for the same position, including Solution Architect and Software Architect. In an overall view from businesses, these two roles have some big differences. .

Solution Architect often participates with the sales team (the project phase has not been formed) to understand the business issues of customers, or business opportunities and propose system design solutions to eliminate remove constraints in business operations.

Software Architect was created with the aim of turning the proposed architectural solution from Solution Architect into a practical architectural product.

Both of the roles involved will ensure that the actual product to the end user is more accurate with what is described in the proposed solution. And the actual product is designed in detail, deployed with developers, who have limits on the overall solution vision.

Below is the general job description of these two roles.

1) Solution Architect

  • Often not designing software directly, Solution Architect often focuses on working on big features with technology solutions, design proposals.
  • Provide a holistic approach to understanding business constraints, customer problems to provide a total solution to help customers eliminate those constraints.
  • Who uses technology to solve customers' business problems.
  • Understanding the array of customer service knowledge, technology solutions in the market, the limits of each technology, the trend of technology platform development, and the ability to develop solutions into reality by software.
  • Knowing the limits of solutions, scalability, and future maintenance capabilities.
  • It is responsible for giving priority to solutions that need to be implemented.
  • Depending on different geographic areas, the role of this role is assumed to be part of the Product Manager or Senior Business Analyst roles.

Usually the Solution Architect has different requirements depending on the specific industry. Be a trusted friend in the technology world and see the joy when real software products completely solve customers' needs.

2) Software Architect

  • Being a person must learn all the features proposed in the solution and design the actual software architecture.
  • Implement system architecture design
  • Provide a technical approach to develop software to solve business functions, write general architecture and convention documents, and guide developers to develop detailed blueprints for each function .
  • Responsible for evaluating technologies, components, development techniques, development methods, system integration, and guiding developers to perform everyday tasks effectively.

Software Architect's work is always challenging, and affects the productivity of the development team.

Solution Architect will focus on solving the "What?" Question and Software Archirect will focus on solving the "How?" Answer.

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