What is Swift? Reasons to use the Swift language

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Born 6 years ago (since 2014), Swift is still a quite young and new language. Many programmers still wonder what the Swift programming language is? However, that question was gradually replaced over time, the number of programmers choosing Swift increased, the community developed and supported the language.

In the previous article, we learned the most basic things about Objective-C, from the concept, its advantages to its formation history, then in this article, let’s learn about a language for ITNavi. specifically for iOS and OS X developed by Apple itself, to gradually replace the Obj-C elder, it’s Swift – a perfect piece of technology in the mission to shape Apple’s application ecosystem.

What are the advantages of the Swift language

The ability to develop mobile applications is quick and easy

Developers don’t have to run compiler and test programs on a regular basis anymore, but instead focus on integration with more difficult levels. This also saves the power and wear of hardware for developers.

Swift language code is short, compact and easy to read

Specifically, three to five lines of Obj-C code can be written in just one line of Swift code. Object classes in Swift are simplified, the lines of code are organized in a logical and logical way. This helps developers save a lot of time to complete the project, as well as increase efficiency during maintenance and fix future bugs. Swift inherits and leverages all the power of Objective-C left, so programmers will have a great familiar runtime environment, easy to manage and develop.

Swift works seamlessly with Objective-C so we can write applications in both languages.

The applications written by Swift are compatible and cause less hardware wear than Obj-C, which helps users to have a better experience when playing games on iOS devices. What are the disadvantages of Swift Besides the advantages, Swift also has some weaknesses as follows:

  • Because age is so young, starting to learn Swift is quite difficult, programmers will have to re-learn a completely new language, even difficult for those who are beginners or have never learned through Obj-C with a basic foundation.
  • The community of support and application development is not much: perhaps Apple will take a fairly long time to build a powerful Swift user community.
  • Due to the rapid development of the application due to the integration of many powerful frameworks, this will result in many poor quality applications or junk created by novice programmers. But with its strong development momentum, Swift is still a language worth investing in and learning. In the next section of this article, we will go over the great reasons that after reading, you will definitely be convinced and decide to choose this language to develop. his future work.

What are great reasons to use the Swift programming language?

Swift is available for both MacOS and iOS Apps

As long as you learn a language, you can develop applications on both platforms. MacOS and the iOS operating system are huge pieces of cake that any developer or programmer wants to join and taste. Billions of dollars in it, guys!

Swift helps develop applications quickly

Because it is a modern programming language, it has very important features such as: no undefined variables, no array-out-of-bound errors, no integer overflow errors, memory management. fully automated, saving a lot of time in completing a project.

The execution speed of Swift scripts is very fast

According to Apple, Swift is nearly 3 times faster than Obj-C and 8 times faster than Python. Not only fast, but Swift is also very powerful, enabling programmers to write more complex, advanced code such as generics, closures, tuples, multiple returns, iterators, built-in functional programming templates. and more. Besides, Swift is much more secure and secure than Objective-C.

They are free to use and are open source

This will help the Swift community to grow, users can search for security holes, update patches, features, and improve language plugins for the community.

There is a growing demand for Swift programmers

According to the latest report of the labor market in the programming industry, the demand for labor of this industry has increased by nearly 600% in just 2 years, from 2017-2019. In addition, according to Glassdoor, the average basic salary for a Swift programmer has reached nearly $ 100,000, a desirable salary is not it. And the last thing: Swift is the darling, the future of Apple: Apple has been doing everything to develop Swift in the future, so to catch up with Apple, and ready to experience things. The newest, there’s no other way, you must learn Swift from now on.

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