What is Salesforce? 5 reasons why “bosses” choose “it”

Tram Ho

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce was developed by Marc Benioff in the late 1990s. SalesForce became the world’s leading cloud computing solution for CRM – Customer Relationship Management customer relationship management. With the mission of providing the most comprehensive, comprehensive solutions for management, sales and customer care services, SalesForce has received the trust and confidence of many companies around the globe. Moreover, this is also one of the management software with high security, reliability and flexible cost according to enterprise size, which is quite convenient for users.

5 reasons why “bosses” choose “it”

Here are 5 reasons why “bosses” use, propose and choose to deploy Salesfore to their customers.

It is a CRM – helping create and manage customer experience

With Salesforce as your CRM, your sales, marketing and customer service teams can understand every customer and deliver the right message or answer when they need it. By analyzing this information, you can make better decisions to reduce service costs and keep every customer happy.

Service Cloud – convenient to use anywhere

CRM is shifting to cloud computing and Salesforce.com is a leading cloud computing company, providing a complete set of CRM cloud applications, cloud platforms and cloud infrastructure – effective Higher costs for higher return on investment.

Flexible – Can customize the operation as desired

Salesforce allows you to completely customize CRM for your business. This is the best way to enhance application and ensure your CRM applications work the way you want.


Salesforce also has AppExchange – the number one destination for pre-built business applications – for your CRM and more. This is the cloud application market for businesses, developed and hosted by Salesforce. You can have access to thousands of useful, secure and verified applications built by others or even you can develop and market on your own.

More than CRM – a customizable platform that has joined your business so you can make it work as you want.

Not just a CRM; It’s a cloud-based platform – a complete IT infrastructure for your business hosted on their servers, on which you can build separate applications that suit your business needs. his business. You can use Salesforce for a thing or as a participating platform for all you do: a contact management system; a way to manage your sales path; your marketing machine; financial management system? With Salesforce, it’s up to you.

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