What is MTk – MT3562 chip, features and applications of MT3562 chip

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Chip MTk - MT3562 là gì, đặc điểm và ứng dụng của chip MT3562 - Ảnh 1.

Chip MTk – MT3562 for car monitors

MT3562 chip is integrated on the Android DVD screen in the car , supporting the information and entertainment system in the car smoothly and smoothly.

The infotainment system links drivers to cars and provides visual control of the driving experience and the inside environment. It keeps drivers and passengers safe, connected and entertained by providing information and content from car sensors and multimedia sources.

Chip MTk - MT3562 là gì, đặc điểm và ứng dụng của chip MT3562 - Ảnh 2.

Features of MTK chip – MT3562

The modem on MT3562 is optimized for fast response time, and can support more than 4 Full HD live video streams simultaneously. Ability to connect to 4G LTE Cat-4 network smoothly.


• CPU: Arm Cortex-A53

• Maximum CPU frequency: 1.0GHz

• Core: 4 cores

• Memory type: LPDDR2, LPDDR3

• Maximum memory size: 4GB


• Bluetooth, GNSS: GPS, Wi-Fi

• Mobile data: 4G, GSM, GPRS, TD-HSDPA, TD-HSUPA

• LTE catalog: Wifi, Bluetooth

Application of MTK chip – MT3562

The MT3562 integrated in the vehicle infotainment system handles many tasks, including:

• 2D & 3D rendering of the environment, obstacles and conditions around cars connected to the screen

• Safety sensor information

• Live camera or parking

• It manages and plays audio content, plus smooth streaming movies, games, social networks and entertainment on lag-free screens

• The system also helps display GPS navigation data and sensors such as tire pressure warning or lane departure warning, etc.

• In addition, it helps make phone calls and access the Internet and support smartphone content such as traffic and weather updates.

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