What is Kredivo that is considered the “bedside pillow” app of sales people?

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What is Kredivo?

Kredivo Vietnam is a subsidiary of FinAccel financial technology company from Indonesia. Although it has just launched in Vietnam in August 2021, the Kredivo application has received many positive feedbacks from users. Through cooperation with financial company VietCredit, Kredivo application provides users with a certain limit, up to 25 million to be able to purchase necessary products in advance and pay later.

Kredivo là gì mà được xem là app gối đầu giường của dân săn sale? - Ảnh 1.

What is the point of attracting sales people at the Kredivo app?

First of all, creating an account at Kredivo is also extremely simple and fast. You just need to download the application to your phone and fill in basic information such as full name, phone number, ID card / CCCD to complete the registration. Within 15 minutes, you will receive a notification that your account is activated with the limit granted. You can then use Kredivo right away, without any further confirmation steps.

In addition, when hunting for sale with a Kredivo account, you will not need to pay any costs in advance. Instead, the entire product purchase amount will be extended after 30 days or divided and paid in 3 months with 0% interest. In addition, you also have the flexibility to choose a 6-month or 12-month installment term to suit your best friend’s ability to pay when buying high-value products.

With the utilities that the application brings, many of you wonder what are the places where you can use Kredivo? Kredivo has been present in many different units with a variety of industries. From technology products, electronics, furniture to cosmetics, food, consumer goods or tourism products such as airline tickets, hotel rooms, tours. You can see a detailed list of units that apply payment via Kredivo right at the Kredivo app in the brand section.

Last but not least is the fact that you can track your postpaid or installment payments made through Kredivo right at the app. This is also a utility that many young people pay attention to because it can manage expenses more easily, timely balance spending and pay on time, avoiding late fees.

How to register and use Kredivo?

Registering to use Kredivo is very simple, including the following steps:

Step 1: Download the app to your mobile phone

Step 2: Fill in information as directed, including name, phone number, CCCD information.

Step 3: Take a 2-sided CCCD photo and take a selfie.

Step 3: Click submit profile and wait for approval.

Once approved, your Kredivo account can be used immediately without any further confirmation steps. Here are detailed instructions on how to pay via Kredivo:

Step 1: Select the product to pay for and choose to pay via Kredivo.

Step 2: Choose a payment term.

Step 3: Log in to your Kredivo account with the phone number and PIN you registered.

Step 4: Check available vouchers to shop more economically.

Step 5: Enter the OTP to complete the payment.

What is the hot deal exclusively for Kredivo users?

One of the incentives to attract sales people at the Kredivo app is the vouchers at the Sendo e-commerce platform. In addition to buying products at good prices during golden hours and flash sale programs of the brand, you also get an additional 50% off up to 100,000 VND or up to 1 million when paying through Kredivo . You also get a free shipping code. Regardless of the product you pay through Kredivo, the above incentives will be applied when the order meets the specified conditions.

Kredivo là gì mà được xem là app gối đầu giường của dân săn sale? - Ảnh 2.

For technology enthusiasts, when shopping at systems such as FPT Shop, CellphoneS, Viet Mobile, ShopDunk, Thien Nam Hoa, Bach Long Mobile,… you will receive a maximum discount of up to 1,200. 000d when paying via Kredivo application, depending on the promotion program of each unit. This discount will also depend on the unit you shop for. You can check the available discount voucher at the Kredivo checkout page before completing the transaction.

Kredivo là gì mà được xem là app gối đầu giường của dân săn sale? - Ảnh 3.

If you need to buy cosmetics, skin care products and makeup, don’t forget to use Kredivo to pay at Skin Store Vietnam or Sendo to receive an additional discount of up to 100,000 VND, applicable to all products.

Kredivo là gì mà được xem là app gối đầu giường của dân săn sale? - Ảnh 4.

If you are a travel fan, you can also use Kredivo to apply for pre-paid post-purchase. At the same time, you can also apply more incentives to buy air tickets, book hotel rooms or tours with more savings at Mytour, Vivavivu, Gotadi and Divui.

Kredivo là gì mà được xem là app gối đầu giường của dân săn sale? - Ảnh 5.

Hopefully with the above information you have understood what the Kredivo app is and the benefits and incentives that Kredivo provides to users. During the big sale at the end of the year, don’t forget to use Kredivo to buy the necessary products at a good price, and at the same time enjoy the cost gap to pay later.

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