What is Kredivo? Buy first, pay later with 0% interest on Kredivo?

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What is Kredivo Vietnam?

The application belongs to Finaccel financial technology company from Indonesia, one of the top financial technology companies. Currently, Kredivo has more than 4 million users across Southeast Asia, and is one of the leading Fintech in the region. In August 2021, the application was officially launched in Vietnam market.

Kredivo là gì? Mua trước trả sau 0% lãi suất trên Kredivo? - Ảnh 1.

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Why use the Kredivo app?

With Kredivo application, users can make a lot of transactions with great utilities:

– Simple registration: The necessary procedures for registration are very simple: just a photo of a valid ID card or citizen identification and linked to an e-commerce account.

– Payment for a variety of products and services: App Kredivo allows you to pay your electricity, water, telephone bills… with the amount you have been given credit for.

– Save time and costs: App has been used nationwide, users can do all online procedures anywhere.

– High security: The information provided by the user is committed by Kredivo to encrypt user information to ensure confidentiality.

Benefits when Kredivo users associate with credit institutions

When registering for the Kredivo application, users will be granted a certain limit, up to a maximum of 5 million VND. Users can use it to pay Buy first, pay later, or register for a personal loan, depending on usage needs.

Kredivo is currently an application to connect with a leading prestigious credit institution that brings many benefits to users. When using Kredivo to pay for other services such as shopping, top up phones, pay electricity and water bills… you get paid after 30 days with 0% interest. For personal consumption loans, the interest rate is 3.5%.

Kredivo là gì? Mua trước trả sau 0% lãi suất trên Kredivo? - Ảnh 2.

Kredivo application interface

What are the conditions for registration of Kredivo?

Kredivo loan conditions are very simple, users only need to meet some minimum requirements to register as follows:

– Provide valid ID card or citizen identification.

– Users are aged from 18 to 60 years old.

– Be a citizen of Vietnam nationality, living and working in the territory of Vietnam.

– Have a minimum monthly income of 4 million VND.

With enough and accurate information as above, customers can be approved for a credit with a maximum credit amount of 5 million VND.

How to use Kredivo

How to use Kredivo is extremely simple, customers just need to follow these steps:

– Step 1: Download the Kredivo application to your phone via CH play or visit kredivo.com and download the application.

– Step 2: Open the application and register an account. Customers provide all required information to complete the registration procedure.

– Step 3: Wait for the application to be approved for up to 24 hours.

– Step 4: Use Kredivo for Online payments or apply for a personal loan

Account payment

The payment steps on Kredivo are also very simple, you just need to pay directly through the application. To avoid incurring additional fees and leaving a bad credit history, it’s a good idea to pay your account on time.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Kredivo outside Ho Chi Minh City?

Kredivo has been widely covered in Vietnam, so you can use it anywhere.

Is Kredivo safe?

All information you provide is encrypted. Strict security methods, including:

– Advanced security using two-factor authentication

– Industry best practices, including encryption in transit and at rest

– Safe storage and backup

– Protection against DDoS and MITM . attacks

– Strict internal access control

Kredivo currently attracts users who do not have a bank account or have difficulty accessing banking services such as credit cards. Vietnamese users are waiting to use many utilities from the Buy Now Pay Later application.

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