What is Kali Linux? Why do hackers like to use Kali Linux?

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Kali Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian. Its goal is simple: to bring together the best possible penetration and security testing tools in an operating system environment. Kali was born with such a purpose, so you can quickly find many open source tools to perform processes of testing (pentesting), hacking, hacking, … in great time savings.

1. What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a Linux distro developed and maintained by Offensive Security when it was released in March 2013 by the organization as the development replacement for the BackTrack operating system. Offensive Security is a well-known and trusted organization in the world of security that even certifies security professionals with some of the most respected certifications available: OSCP, OSCE, OSWP, OSEE. Kali Linux is an operating system used extensively in the field of security, by both hackers trying to infiltrate systems and security professionals who want to protect information resources. Kali Linux provides a variety of tools for security-related tasks.

2. How to use Kali Linux ?!

Like any other Linux application or operating system, you can install Kali Linux on your laptop, server, computer, virtual machine, … With beautiful GNOME graphical interface, stable performance is attractive enough. Those of you who love to explore to dabble in once with Kali Linux. However, Kali Linux is not a suitable everyday operating system. Because it’s specifically designed for pentesting, hacking and that’s all you think about Kali Linux.

3. What is Kali Linux?

  • It has tons of security testing tools (over 600 hacking tools, pentests, ..)
  • Network information acquisition tools such as Nmap and Wireshark.
  • tools that focus on exploiting WiFi attacks such as Aircrack-ng, Kismet and Pixie.
  • For password mining testing needs, tools like Hydra, Crunch, Hashcat, and John the Ripper are available.
  • The framework sets include advanced processes and features such as: Metasploit, Burp Suite, ZenMap, … Of course, it will take a long time if you want to be proficient in using all of them, but practically only need using the necessary tools for the job is more than enough.

4. Advantages of Kali Linux

  • Kali is able to use Debian repositories that facilitate software installation and rapid software updates.
  • Kali Linux continuously improves the compatibility with hardware devices of many types such as phones, raspberry, laptop, server, cloud, … ensuring that you can install it on any device.
  • Wifi (wireless) network support is extremely good with Kali Linux, which allows security experts to attack and test the security of Wifi.
  • K Linux learning programs and materials and tools are available online.
  • Save a lot of time in testing and attacking on the network.
  • Large user community, making it easy to get help when you have a problem
  • The graphical interface is highly customizable, in addition to the already beautiful default GNOME you can also choose from other desktops like KDE or XFCE according to your preference!

5. Is Kali Linux right for you?

To talk about using Kali Linux as a popular operating system: NO. This is not software for everyone. Kali is designed to run as root. It is not secure and is configured to be as secure as a regular Linux distribution (in case you are not familiar with Linux safety optimization). Kali Linux is an attack tool, not a defense tool. In addition, if you are not proficient in the use of tools and attack skills on the Internet, you can cause considerable damage, even possibly in the law. So if you want to use an operating system that is convenient for everyday life, Kali is not the right choice !!!

6. Summary

Through today’s article I have introduced to you about Kali Linux dedicated operating system for security research. A powerful tool in the right hands with real benefits.

If you are sure you understand all of the above, the Internet is a vast and free treasure trove for you to get your hands on with anything, not except an operating system like Kali Linux.

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