What is junior, senior, expert?

Lately, I have seen an increase in public opinion about the title division.

Many ideas that dev Vietnam uses bluff title, that 1 senior dev without knowing how to display vietnam delayline's dump database file on iOS is not senior, such reasoning is not very constructive. .

But senior must know how to display dump file 2GB simulation? How to show up 20GB file to expert? 200GB, then on miracle? 2TB then ultra-super-atomic !?

While the above titles are not only applied to dev, but other industries apply.

We will take, for example, a friend who goes to a counseling room, a position of an air conditioner expert, to find out what knowledge these 3 positions need.

If title is Junior

You just need to know how to use the air conditioner, the remote whip just directs the air conditioner to press the button, the remote button does you have to know what the button does, how to combine the buttons together. Mr. HR interviewed you only ask about the features that are available on the remote. If you have a question like: why do I direct remote towards the beautiful girls of the company? then you have the right to break the need-remote-his-HR.

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If title is Senior

In order to pat the chest, the senior name must be understood to understand the operating principle of air conditioning from inside to outside. They are called inside-out. That the remote air conditioner uses infrared but the infrared is in a straight line, you also need to know the bluetooth can be multicast so that it can be shortened, even if the air conditioner uses bluetooth remote only when it has a beta version, how day release is far away.

You also need to know the air conditioner event loop, how hot it runs, how cold it runs, when it runs at any time. The mechanism of temperature exchange between the two sides, how the components in the exchange machine work together, if there are any errors arising in the process, how to debug, limit each part, dump log file v ..v ..

You also have to know how to configure each type of air conditioner according to the actual requirements, how to save the most electricity, for example, Ms. Na's buying machine at the top of the alley runs at 21 degrees is beautiful, because at that level, the hot lump frees fast memory less electricity.

You can also benchmark and tell users the data clearly: your device runs 1 month of 3 bottles of electricity, let the water drop mode be reduced to 1 bottle right away.

Summarize what lies inside the air conditioner, you have to know.

If the title is an Expert

A senior who understands air conditioning will also give up in a challenging production environment: weak electricity. The device runs but the performance decreases, even though the machine has no bugs. At that time, with the expertise of an expert, you not only knew the air conditioner but also knew the external factors needed to run the air conditioner, electricity in this case – is a typical example.

By grasping the principle of electrons, you can invent, or apply the technology available to upgrade power lines, for example, npm i -g maybienap, for example, no matter how realistic the environment is. moreover, your system will run as smoothly as possible.

In short, you can not only understand the air conditioner, but also understand the electricity, environment, light, feng shui (to build a hot place where to save electricity, avoid moisture) brick lining the wall etc … even the brick mill has afternoon air conditioning. How high to optimize the insulation, miss homeowners who have tongue sticking also do not kill deadly.

ITZone via Kipalog

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