What is interesting about the four cameras on the Galaxy A72?

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Recently, Samsung has officially introduced the completely new Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 duo to Vietnamese users. The Galaxy A series 2021 duo brings many notable upgrades from youthful appearance, improved screen to processing performance, and powerful upgrade in camera element, one of the factors used by users. Children pay attention when choosing to buy a new smartphone.

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 1.

Similar to its predecessor, Samsung this year continues to apply a reverse innovation strategy, integrating features that have never appeared on the Galaxy A smartphone line before. One of them is about the camera when this year’s Galaxy A series comes with the pioneering OIS optical stabilization system. Not to mention the Galaxy A72, it also comes with a 3X telephoto camera with OIS, for up to 30X telephoto shooting without being shaken or blurred.

What is attractive on the Galaxy A72 camera?

First, let’s look at the camera hardware specifications on the Galaxy A72 to see how much the Galaxy A series has changed compared to Samsung’s previous models for young users.

64 MP , f / 1.8: Wide angle camera, 26mm focal length, OIS optical image stabilization

8 MP , f / 2.4: Camera telephoto, 3x optical zoom, anti-shake OIS

12 MP , f / 2.2: Super wide camera, 123˚ viewing angle

5 MP , f / 2.4: Macro camera

32 MP , f / 2.2: Selfie camera

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 3.

Looking at the parameters, we can immediately notice the two most notable and key upgrades on this year’s Galaxy A series, especially on the Galaxy A72: Integrated 3X telephoto camera and system OIS optical image stabilization. These are all pioneering features in the smartphone line for young users because so far, in this segment, there are very few machines equipped with telephoto cameras, anti-shake OIS or even both. a time.

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 4.
4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 5.

Pioneering macro photography

Inheriting the extremely successful macro photography capabilities of the Galaxy A51 and A71 last year, this year the Galaxy A72 continues to maintain the ability to take close-up photos, allowing users to turn small things and things into heroes. greater than the macro lens of the Galaxy A72.

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 6.

In the current smartphone market, there are not many smartphones with integrated macro cameras but with “top” image quality like Samsung’s Galaxy A. If you know the lighting set-up, shooting angle and subject selection, the macro camera on the Galaxy A72 will definitely not disappoint.

Macro photos from the Galaxy A52 / A72 camera give very good quality

First-in-class OIS optical stabilization

Optical image stabilization was once one of the high-end features only available on high-end smartphones, but to the Galaxy A series 2021, Samsung used the Reverse Innovation strategy to integrate the features. features never appeared before on the new Galaxy A series. Now with OIS, users will no longer have to worry about shaky, blurry or unusable photos.

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 8.

OIS is applicable to both photo and video capture

Combined with the 3X telephoto lens of Galaxy A72, OIS is most effective because with telephoto zoom lenses, users can hardly stabilize the camera with bare hands, the help from OIS will be a ” rescue “useful if users need to shoot telephoto from a distance.

Try out the Galaxy A72’s remote 3X telephoto camera

Galaxy A72 wide angle (left) and 3X telephoto cameras (right)

Try the super anti-shake feature in video recording mode of Galaxy A72

Many exclusive shooting modes

With the Galaxy A series, Samsung also integrates many shooting modes brought from the Galaxy S / Note flagship series, which can be named as one-touch shooting mode (Single Take) or “hegemony” night mode. In addition, with a high-resolution 64MP camera, users can also capture super-resolution photos, allowing to retain the most details while supporting printing at large sizes that the machines have. low resolution does not work.

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 12.

Galaxy A72 integrates many exclusive shooting modes

4 camera trên Galaxy A72 có gì thú vị? - Ảnh 13.

Users can also take photos at the maximum 64MP resolution instead of the default shooting mode interpolating pixels to 16MP resolution.

Try the low-light shooting capabilities of the Galaxy A72 with night mode


Overall, this year’s Galaxy A series is an upgrade worth considering for those who are planning to buy a new smartphone, especially young users because Galaxy A52 and A72 are oriented towards for GenZ generation. With Galaxy A and pioneering camera support system, this will certainly be a powerful support tool to realize the creative ideas of young users.

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