What helps iPhone ‘surpass’ Android in the smartphone market share battle?

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Recently, Apple has officially surpassed the phone manufacturers running the Android operating system to become the unit that accounts for more than half of all smartphones used in the US.

According to data from Counterpoint Research, the 50% milestone – the highest since the iPhone was introduced in 2007 – was set in the second quarter. The remaining market share belongs to Google’s Android, the operating system installed on about 150 different devices, led by Samsung and Lenovo.

Research director Jeff Fieldhack likens operating systems to religions, which never change appreciably. However, over the past 4 years, there has been a consistent migration from Android to iOS. He predicts the milestone will be repeated in other markets globally.

According to the Financial Times, the number of devices in operation is a better criterion than the number of devices shipped, which fluctuates every quarter. It includes both the millions of users who joined the Apple ecosystem by purchasing used devices, as well as those who bought new iPhones.

Apple’s market share will not increase sharply by 10-15% in just one year. Instead, the technology company will grow steadily year by year ,” said Ben Wood, a researcher at CCS Insight.

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Smartphones running the Android operating system were first introduced in 2008, a year after the iPhone was introduced. But just two years later, these devices have quickly surpassed iOS, according to NPD Group data. In the three years 2007-2010, Apple has never reached 50% of the smartphone market share because this market is in the hands of Nokia, Motorola, Windows and BlackBerry.

So this new achievement has made Apple more formidable than ever despite criticism that the technology company is lacking in creativity for its products.

As Apple prepares to announce the iPhone 14 on September 7, the milestone shows that “apple defect” is in a more competitive position than ever despite criticism that the company has lost its creativity. As for the iPhone 14, analysts predict the phone will be equipped with a better camera and a smaller notch on the screen.

Under CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone has made Apple the most valuable company in the world with a market capitalization of $2.5 trillion. According to analyst Ben Wood, ” Cook took what Steve Jobs gave him and built an empire out of it. Anyone who buys an iPhone — whether it’s second, third, or fourth used — has it. You can pay Apple when you shop for apps, buy iCloud, use Apple Music, transact on Apple Pay. It’s a model that no one can copy .”

As the iPhone usage rate nears saturation, Cook ramps up segments such as movies, advertising, payments, fitness, and healthcare, taking advantage of the global iPhone user base, which has surpassed the 1 billion mark since 2020. As a result, Apple’s services revenue grew steadily in double digits and profit margins reached 70%, double the hardware division. Payers hit 860 million in the second quarter, nearly double Netflix and Disney Plus subscribers combined.

The researchers also think that Apple’s market share will continue to grow in the future even though Android devices are dominating thanks to cheap prices and variety of services.

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Tim Cook decided to invest in the development of movies, TV, advertising and payments when he realized that the iPhone began to be saturated. This has helped double-digit growth in its services profit and account for more than 70% of net profit, double that of the hardware device business.

The reality also proves that Tim Cook’s strategy has been successful when iPhone buyers will continue to buy apps and use its services such as iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay …

Analysts say Apple has plenty of room to increase its market share as the rest of the world still relies on Android for its variety and low prices. CEO Tim Cook also affirmed that customers are tending to switch from Android to iOS when the percentage of Android users switching to iPhone in the second quarter “strongly increased at double-digit rates” over the same period.

Not only stopping with the smartphone market, Apple is also developing strongly and receiving great trust in the electric vehicle segment.

According to Bloomberg, Strategic Vision recently released the results of a survey of over 200,000 new car owners in 2022. Notably, 26% of survey respondents confirmed that they are willing to buy an Apple-made car. produced instead of other brands.

This result has put Apple in 3rd place on the list of most loved brands. Specifically, Apple ranked behind Toyota, Honda and ahead of Tesla, Lexus and BMW brands. This is the first time Strategic Vision has included Apple in a survey of more than 45 brands that it sends to customers.

Điều gì giúp iPhone 'vượt mặt' Android trong cuộc chiến thị phần smartphone? - Ảnh 3.

In terms of product quality, Apple is the highest-scored brand with an impressive score of 24% compared to Toyota (15%) and Tesla (11%). However, 34% said they do not have enough specific information and experience to make a choice.

Plus, more than 50% of Tesla owners say they’re considering switching to an Apple car in the future.

Up to now, Apple has not made any official announcement about the car production blueprint. While, before that, Apple CEO Tim Cook had planned to first research and develop the electric car project “Project Titan” in 2017.

However, speaking to The New York Times, an Apple representative said that the company is shelving this project to focus on driving technology for other car manufacturers with the goal of creating a system. central control system, which acts as a headquarters to manage battery capacity as well as conduct traffic navigation. At the same time, the brand also expressed its admiration for Tesla.

References: FT, Bloomberg

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