What does Xiaomi say about blocking Chinese users from installing Google services?

Tram Ho

A few days ago, we reported about Xiaomi blocking Chinese users from installing Google services on domestic devices . Accordingly, some Xiaomi models for this billion-population market, after updating to the latest version of MIUI 12.5, could not install Google services (also known as GMS). In an “supposed” response from Xiaomi, the company stated that machines without the Google Framework pre-installed (a framework needed for GMS to work) would not be able to install Google services. .

Today, the official representative of Xiaomi on the social network Weibo gave official feedback on this issue. Accordingly, these responses were given by a Weibo page titled “Xiaomi company spokesperson” with “blue tick” indicating that this is an official page owned by Xiaomi itself.

Xiaomi nói gì về việc chặn người dùng Trung Quốc cài đặt các dịch vụ của Google? - Ảnh 1.

“We found that many users do not understand clearly the issues related to ‘Xiaomi phones no longer support GMS’. We think that it is necessary to clarify this issue to avoid misunderstandings,” said the main representative. Xiaomi’s wake up

Xiaomi official response text (left) and text compiled by us (right)

Specifically, the representative of Xiaomi made 4 statements, in which it confirmed that the previous response shared by many people is not the official response from Xiaomi but just a single “Xiaomi user community”. Phuong answered only. In addition, Xiaomi also claims that the information surrounding “Xiaomi phones no longer support GMS” issue is incorrect rumor.

However, in the third statement, Xiaomi once again reaffirmed what we mentioned earlier in the article “Xiaomi blocked Chinese users from installing Google services” . According to Xiaomi, there are many local machines sold with the Google Framework pre-installed, thereby making it possible for users to install Google apps and services as easily as possible (just by going to the store. GetApps app and download any Google app).

However, not all machines will have the framework pre-installed and for machines that do not have Google Framework, users will “not be able to install GMS voluntarily”. This is the information that users should pay attention to because the report “Xiaomi phones no longer supports GMS” is only partially correct, that is for devices that do not have Google Framework pre-installed.

Xiaomi nói gì về việc chặn người dùng Trung Quốc cài đặt các dịch vụ của Google? - Ảnh 3.

Xiaomi also emphasized that, in the future, the company will add more devices with Google Framework pre-installed in the system to meet the needs of more users.

It can be seen that, Xiaomi is making it easier for users to install Google services on local machines in the future by pre-installing the necessary frameworks, instead of letting the users choose. install using tricks and unknown application files floating around the internet. As for these models pre-installed Google Framework, Xiaomi does not disclose clearly.

Xiaomi’s final statement said that the international machines were not affected.

Thus, with the latest response from Xiaomi, we can see that the company does not completely block users from installing GMS services on domestic machines, but only “redirects” to future users. These services can be installed more easily by pre-installing the necessary frameworks. At present, Xiaomi smartphone users updating to the new MIUI (MIUI domestic market version) without the necessary frameworks to install Google will not be able to use GMS.

However, which machines can install Google services and whether all future local machines will have Google Framework preinstalled is still a big question. Users in Vietnam are still recommended to only buy genuine devices to get official support from Xiaomi as well as avoid the hassle of using domestic devices.

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Source : Genk