What does ChatGPT super AI chatbot say about Vietnam becoming the “tiger” of Asia?

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Since its launch on November 30, 2022, ChatGPT (a billion-dollar investment product of Open AI) has shocked the tech world, quickly reaching 100 million monthly active users in January. 2023. According to a report by analytics company Similar Web, every day about 13 million visitors use ChatGPT, twice as many as in December.

According to US Today, ChatGPT (full name: Chat Generative Pre-traing Transfromer) is a free computer program. They use artificial intelligence to understand and respond in natural language, just like humans.

ChatGPT can answer questions, write sentences and communicate with you. This tool works like a person-to-person Q&A. According to CNBC, ChatGPT is said to be able to “answer questions like a real person”, presenting ideas in a logical, in-depth and extremely fluent way to complex questions.

When asked about the possibility that Vietnam’s economy will become an Asian “tiger” in the future, ChatGPT completely understood the metaphor of “tiger” but gave a rather cautious answer.

The answer this chatbot gives is: “There are no specific predictions or conditions to determine whether Vietnam will become the ‘tiger’ of Asia or not. Depending on many factors such as economic, political, international, etc., there will be different conditions and future outcomes. However, Vietnam is currently developing strongly and there are many opportunities for progress in the future.”

Chatbot siêu AI ChatGPT nói gì về việc Việt Nam sẽ trở thành “con hổ” của châu Á? - Ảnh 1.

Besides, answering about whether Vietnam’s GDP can surpass Singapore, Philippines or Malaysia, ChatGPT replied that it is possible but it is quite cautious when it is always stressed depending on many factors such as economic development, business environment, and government policies.

Specifically, ChatGPT replied: It is possible, but it depends on many factors such as economic development speed, business environment, and government policies, to determine if Vietnam can overcome the challenges. that country or not” .

In addition, talking about the challenges Vietnam will face in the process of economic development, this AI super chatbot said that Vietnam faces a number of challenges such as strong competition, lack of resources, difficulty in management and inaccuracies of information.

Chatbot siêu AI ChatGPT nói gì về việc Việt Nam sẽ trở thành “con hổ” của châu Á? - Ảnh 2.

When asked about industries that help Vietnam develop, ChatGPT mentioned industry and agriculture, information technology, tourism and financial services, insurance.

Chatbot AI writes: “For economic development, Vietnam can consider developing the following industries:

1. Industrialization and agriculture: Vietnam has a lot of natural resources and rich agricultural resources, which can develop industries that produce and export high-value goods.

2. Information technology: Vietnam has a strong information technology background and can develop technology-related services and products.

3. Tourism: Vietnam has an attractive geographical location and cultural heritage, which can develop the tourism industry and create business opportunities for the community.

4. Financial services and insurance: Vietnam has a strong growth potential in the financial services and insurance sectors, which can take advantage of opportunities for economic development.

These industries are just a few examples and there may be others that can also develop to create business opportunities and economic development for Vietnam” .

  • ChatGPT got the position of software engineer at Google with a salary of VND 4.3 billion/year

    ChatGPT got the position of software engineer at Google with a salary of 4.3 billion VND/year

When asked to evaluate the economy of Vietnam, ChatGPT is very cautious when answering that it is an AI language model, so it does not have personal opinions or feelings, however, can provide information. objectively about Vietnam’s economy.

Accordingly, “Vietnam’s economy has grown rapidly in recent years, with a strong focus on foreign investment and export-oriented production. The country has a young and rapidly growing workforce, and has made significant progress in reducing poverty. However, Vietnam still faces many challenges, including limited infrastructure, corruption and income inequality. Despite these challenges, the outlook for the Vietnamese economy remains positive and the country is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years.”

However, this chatbot also has some limitations when talking in Vietnamese such as not completing all sentences or talking in Vietnamese, then switching to English. In addition, this tool tends to repeat sentences and encounter some minor errors in wording.

Chatbot siêu AI ChatGPT nói gì về việc Việt Nam sẽ trở thành “con hổ” của châu Á? - Ảnh 3.

However, experts say that, when used a lot, AI will get smarter and can learn many different writing styles, even mimicking the tone of a specific brand or organization on demand. .

*The information in the article is taken from ChatGPT’s answer and is for reference only.

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