What do tech experts say after 2 weeks of using OPPO Reno2?

Tram Ho

Taking photos and filming became the bright spots of Reno2

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 2.

As a young reviewer passionate about experiencing new technologies, Cong Hau from Youtube The Pixel said that you are very impressed with Reno2’s video recording ability.

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 3.

Cong Hau from Youtube The Pixel

“I just had a trip to Bali and had a lot of fun in this land. The trip was even more interesting with the Reno2 accompanying me and thanks to that I had the opportunity to experience the whole set of things. What ‘essence’ of this product, “Hau said.

Excitingly about the trip, Hau did not forget to show off the shimmering pictures taken from this Reno 2 phone. In your opinion, the new camera system has improved a lot compared to the first generation, bringing many solutions “from home to city” and extremely handy.

   “Compared to before, Reno2 has doubled the number of rear cameras, not to mention every single thing inside, hardware and software have improved. Particularly in terms of video recording, I feel very impressive, great. The first is that the anti-shake capability is so outstanding and when we shoot videos it will look very beautiful. I have filmed a lot of videos during the trip and the experience felt very OK. “

Youtuber Tony Phung also shared that “I realize that the most obvious improvement of Reno2 is more camera lenses and helps me have more shooting angles. One of the things I especially like on Reno2 is the color of the photo. when taking pictures.

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 5.

Youtuber Tony Phung

I often have a habit of photographing girls, you can see that I did not edit anything but the color was great. Besides Reno2 also added a wide-angle camera to help me take travel photos that are great and look more impressive. “

Eye-catching appearance helps Reno2 stand out

Reno-Series first appeared earlier this year has made many users admired by sophisticated design and extremely innovative. Inheriting beauty from seniors, Reno2 continues to bring users the most aesthetic design. Which can include the back is simple but beautiful to every centimeter.

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 6.

Mr. Hai Dang – ICTNews correspondent

“Reno 2 retains the special features of the original Reno, which is the shark fin camera and when turned up and down it looks very cool. Thanks to this exclusive selfie camera design, Reno2 has got a full screen. The border completely gives you a better movie or gaming experience, “said Hai Dang – a reporter from ICTNews.

Possessing a spacious 6.5-inch screen, Mod Duc from Tinhte forum said this is also a factor to help his gaming moments are more perfect, “Besides the background for very good viewing angles. along with true color reproduction is also commendable on this phone “.

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 7.

Nam Nguyen from the YouTube Technology Enthusiasts channel was very interested in the bundled case of OPPO Reno 2.

In addition to taking care of every detail of the device, OPPO also scored before the technology experts by an accompanying accessory – the case. Nam Nguyen, a YouTube Enthusiast Youtube enthusiast, praised this bonus case, “it is made from imitation leather and has more stitches to create a more luxurious highlight for the product”. .

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 8.

“In the past, most of the accessories, such as cases, were often accompanied and used not too high-class materials. However, with Reno2, although they still use plastic materials, they focused more when retrofitting. The leather-like plastic part, combined with other details, enhances the value of both the device and the experience, especially to protect the device more effectively and stylishly.Furthermore, the color corresponds to the version we buy for See OPPO’s attentions to accessories , shared German Mod.

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 9.

German Mod from Tinhte.vn forum

Performance is hard to fault!

“People have been complaining a lot about performance on the first Reno while still using the Snapdragon 710 chip that has appeared on the R17 Pro. This time with 730G, Reno2 has improved a lot of things. One of my experience. Like it is smooth on the device: normal use is very smooth, whether it be gaming or doing anything it will not make me think twice. “, Tony Phung said.

Các chuyên gia công nghệ nói gì sau 2 tuần sử dụng OPPO Reno2? - Ảnh 10.

Particularly for Cong Hau after days of experiencing this machine in Bali, there were very positive comments on the performance as well as the battery. “Compared to the first-generation OPPO Reno, Reno 2 has been improved on the battery. With a capacity of up to 4000mAh, I can comfortably use to watch the road when traveling around Bali by motorbike, watching videos, as well as playing. wifi for other devices. I think it can be used comfortably for 1 day. “

“The performance is also the point I see Reno2 has improved compared to the first generation. The smartphone is upgraded to Snapdragon 730G processor, making the gaming experience especially better than the first generation. Besides That 730G chip also helps us to process images when taken with the rear camera much better than the first-generation Reno, “ Hau added.

The duo OPPO Reno 2 and Reno2 F belong to the high-end and high-end segment, equipped with a set of super-high-end cameras with a variety of shooting and movie modes, luxurious design and powerful performance to bring the experience. Unlimited creation for users.

Priced at just 8,990,000 VND, Reno2 Series products are now sold at retail stores and OPPO Shop nationwide. In particular, customers who buy the Reno2 Series duo in November will receive many attractive incentives : Prepay only 900,000 VND, apply 0% interest installment payment for Reno2 F, receive OPPO Enco Q1 headphones right away valued at 2,490,000VND with high quality case and 0% interest installment plan applied when buying Reno2. See more information here

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