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Suppose you are sitting in a coffee shop and overheard the conversation of the next table, between two employees working in high-tech recruitment. If you are someone who does not have in-depth knowledge of programming, what you hear seems to be saying in a language from another planet. Currently, the amount of work for web developers is more than the number of candidates, and it takes months – not years – to climb that career ladder.

James Somers, a programmer, recently wrote a blog post that says:

“I have a friend who decided to quit the second year of law school, to start learning programming. Two months later, he attended the New York Hacker School programming school, and three months later, he worked as a trainee at a start-up consulting firm for startups. After a month of practice – we are talking about a total of about 6 months here – he was admitted to a full-time job with a salary of $ 85,000 (about VND 1.8 billion / year) ”.


It sounds both easy and engaging, but Somers’s goal is not to entice other people to jump into programming. He complains that the imbalance in demand and supply of programmers in the market is what causes them to be paid too high for their work, when the value in what they do is not great compared to some other work, for example the fight against HIV-AIDS in Africa. It is a fair criticism, but hidden in that disillusionment there is a truth: There are jobs available out there and there are reasonable methods to get the skills needed for that job.

The job list section of Treehouse education website is an example. Founder Ryan Carson said his company’s mission is to teach technology to the whole world. That doesn’t mean everyone should become a programmer – just understanding the power of programming can benefit someone in any industry or organization. any work But after understanding it, everyone would “not be afraid to learn to control it,” Carson said.

On the other hand, Treehouse has the potential to promote a new career for you. Carson said that the instructional videos here, can teach skills to someone to meet the work requirement in just 6 months. His goal is to better connect Treehouse’s educational resources with out-of-market job opportunities.

For example, some jobs on the recruitment site still require a degree in computer science, but Carson says he does not believe a degree is necessary to become a good technology expert (and be recruited), and he notes that not everyone has enough money to go to college. In the future, job listings may require applicants to have as many points in a given category as taught on Treehouse (such as Ruby or HTML) that candidates need to have.


The US Department of Labor said that by 2020 the US market will have 1.2 million computer programming jobs that need to be filled.

“Our job is to understand what jobs out there require and how to teach students can meet that requirement,” Carson said. Ruby and Javascript are two programming languages ​​that are currently the most requested in the recruitment list, so Treehouse is also providing curriculum for both of these technologies.

For Somers’s criticisms about developers being overpaid for what they offer to the world, Carson notes that, like other online education websites , including Treehouse, Codecademy and Udacity teaches programming to students at a reasonable cost in a short time, the amount of supply and demand for programmers will soon balance again. And we will see wages drop – but not too low, Carson said.

The current technology capability makes it quick and easy to become a reality, we are seeing a lot of technology products that do not change the world. But that is not the problem. “The next few years will be an explosion of great products,” he said.

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