Watch the launch of the Galaxy A series 2021: A breakthrough product for young people

Tram Ho

Following the success of last year’s Galaxy A series, Samsung this year continues to apply the Reverse Innovation strategy for the Galaxy A 2021 series to bring users the most suitable smartphone, converging many attractive factors. leads, especially for GenZ young users, the future owners of the country.

This year, the Galaxy A series will be a breakthrough product line offering users unprecedented upgrades in Samsung’s youth smartphone segment. With the upgrade elements in the Reverse Innovation strategy, Galaxy A series will certainly be one of the super products that is hard to ignore.

Đón xem màn ra mắt của Galaxy A series 2021: Siêu phẩm bứt phá dành cho giới trẻ - Ảnh 1.

For a long time, the Galaxy A series has been one of the smartphone lines chosen by many young users because it is the product line that best suits the needs of young people. Samsung develops this product line based on GenZ’s traits and personalities, bringing a smartphone to suit the needs of young people and as a fashion accessory that helps GenZ is able to express his own personalities.

In addition to owning a new design and youthful color options, this year’s Galaxy A series promises to be the leading product line in the smartphone race for young people with 3 distinct breakthroughs in camera factor. The factor that young GenZ users appreciate most when choosing a new smartphone to be a companion.

Đón xem màn ra mắt của Galaxy A series 2021: Siêu phẩm bứt phá dành cho giới trẻ - Ảnh 2.

Last year, the Galaxy A series brought a new trend to young users in macro photography that had never appeared before. This year, the new A series will also inherit and promote these factors, in addition, Samsung brings the camera system “top of the top” with OIS optical image stabilization, along with the features. High-end is brought down from the S series and Note flagship, promising to be powerful tools to help realize the GenZ’s innovative ideas.

The online launch event of the Galaxy A series will be broadcast by Samsung at 9 p.m. on March 17. Let’s wait for the surprises that Samsung will bring to users through the appearance of the brand new Galaxy A series!

See Invitation to the Galaxy A series online launch event here .

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