Warren Buffett: Three important decisions clearly define successful people and dreamers, how much do you make?

Tram Ho

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is rarely wrong about investment and innovation. Not only that, the tips for success, the life lessons he shared were always right and of great value, typically the three logical decisions below.

1. Don’t give up what you have to get what you don’t need

Buffett once advised graduates of the University of Florida that he has witnessed many businesses and individuals taking risks, risking their own pursuit of bigger things, and often letting their greed blur their eyes.

However, ” if you bet what is important to you just in return for something unimportant, it is completely pointless no matter how high your success rate ,” the billionaire said.

Indeed, many of us are engrossed in pursuing unrealistic, worthless things or things which do not belong to us, accepting “sacrificing” even the things that are important to ourselves.

Then one day, they suddenly discovered that the things that they braved all to gain were fleeting. They have also “thrown away” the precious things of life, but now they are willing to pay the great price to be unable to get back any more. Just like that, they live in torment, torment, and self-resentment.

Warren Buffett: Ba quyết định quan trọng phân định rạch ròi người thành công và kẻ mộng mơ hão huyền, bạn làm được bao nhiêu? - Ảnh 1.

Therefore, people in the world need to constantly try and strive towards the bigger and better things but they must also appreciate what they have. Do not for the sake of greed, greed, eagerness or anything but destroy it all by yourself.

2. Invest in relationships with honest and ethical people

During the conversation, he also asked the University of Florida students to think about a classmate who thought they would achieve long-term success, and they wanted to earn 10% of their income. for the rest of my life.

You will definitely choose the person you think is the best, someone who has leadership qualities, or someone who is capable of making others benefit them. But no, it has to be a generous, honest and trust others with their own ideas , “Buffett said.

This great investor is not wrong to say that. Because, making friends with a generous, honest person, we will not have to fear them for personal gain, because of petty attempts to smear, sell or hurt ourselves.

In addition, such people are often those who have a clear mind, ” straight as the horse’s intestine “, and what they say. Therefore, they will be ready to speak harshly, saying words that make us suffer, ashamed, but only for one purpose: To want us to be better.

They may scold us, fiercely stop us from doing bad things, but they will also trust and support us with all our might if we are really doing the right thing. There are people like that around, trying to ask us what we are afraid of but not moving forward to embrace success here?

Warren Buffett: Ba quyết định quan trọng phân định rạch ròi người thành công và kẻ mộng mơ hão huyền, bạn làm được bao nhiêu? - Ảnh 2.

3. Assess the success of life in two words: Love

In his biography ” The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, ” Buffett explained that the highest measure of success in life is the number of people who truly love them.

According to him, some people are very rich, eat luxurious meals and their names are used to place buildings but ” the truth is that no one in the world loves them “. So, the final test of how you live your life is about love.

However, the prophet of Omaha asserted, “The problem here is that you cannot buy love. The only way for you to be loved is to become a person who is loved.

You think you can write an invoice: I will buy a love worth 1 million dollars. But in fact you cannot have love that way. Instead, give as much love, the more you give, the more you will get back . ”

Someone once said, treat others the way you want to be treated. So, to be loved, to make life meaningful, open your heart and give love and kindness. Whether what you get back is just joy, gratitude or affection, but those things are still ten thousand times more valuable than inanimate money.



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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ