Warning about the risk of being tracked from technological devices

Tram Ho

The development of technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data… brings us a lot of conveniences. But on the other hand, using technology for a negative purpose or not fully understanding how to use it can make life more complicated, unsafe and difficult to control. Technology also has potential risks that are common and most serious is the risk of information disclosure.

Phones, computers, smart watches… are things that can be said to be inseparable for many people in modern life. But these powerful assistants can completely become a means of leaking your own information.

Cảnh báo nguy cơ bị theo dõi từ các thiết bị công nghệ - Ảnh 1.

When you download an app and give it access to a database of photos or phone numbers, you are inadvertently allowing your personal information to leak.

In October 2022, Meta informed 1 million Facebook users that their usernames and passwords may have been compromised by malicious apps. Many fake apps disguise themselves as photo editing software while others disguise themselves as games, fitness apps, flashlight tools, VPNs, business apps, and more.

A survey of 1,250 businesses in the US conducted by Digita.com showed that 60% of companies use tracking software. Tracking technology can record keystrokes, take screenshots, record mouse movements, and activate webcams and microphones. At the same time, it also has the ability to take pictures without the staff knowing.

Cảnh báo nguy cơ bị theo dõi từ các thiết bị công nghệ - Ảnh 2.

Tracking software can easily expose users’ personal information

Smart watches have gradually become a familiar daily accessory for many people when they continuously monitor body composition and activity indicators such as temperature, heart rate, sleep… or data usage. GPS data to create a map of the user’s outdoor workout route and commute. These data will then be synchronized with the user’s devices and the company’s servers. Spyware can completely silently transmit data to the outside.

Those are just 3 familiar items. Technology experts also warn that you can be tracked in smart homes or through smart TVs.

More than anyone else, in the era of developing technology, each person needs to have a sense of protecting personal confidential information. Do not access strange, unclear or suspicious links. In the objective case (information is exposed due to illegal data trading or theft), it is necessary to have the role of State management in promulgating and implementing effective personal information security policies. more effective in practice.

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