Warning about Deepfake scams to fake voices and faces

Tram Ho

Grasping the psychology of social network users, who are now wary of scams by text messages thanks to money transfer, subjects have used more sophisticated scams to borrow money through fake video calls.

The trick of the scammers is to take the old videos of the user, cut them together or use deepfake technology so that when performing the scam, the video will be played back in a blurry, flickering form as if the signal is weak. .

In the case that Ms. VTM, (26 years old, living in Long Bien – Hanoi) received a message to borrow money from a relative’s Facebook account abroad, she sent a message to Facebook with the content asking to transfer money to a number of accounts. 75 million dong. At this time, Ms. M thought that this was a family member, so she did not hesitate to transfer money.

Cảnh báo hình thức lừa đảo bằng Deepfake để giả giọng, mặt người thân - Ảnh 1.

Ms. M said, When she received a message asking for a loan from a relative, she also carefully called the video back to check the body and saw that the picture was indeed her friend. Ms. M trusted the transfer to always lend you. But in the evening, I saw a post on the personal page of a loved one announcing that crooks had hacked their facebook nick to ask for a loan from some friends and relatives. Ms. M called her friend again, and her friend confirmed that it was a scammer.

When Ms. M called to confirm, the other end of the line still showed the face and voice of her loved one. However, the sound is very difficult to hear, the image is also blurred like a wave, but the address is completely accurate, the right tone and way of addressing.

Previously, despite being warned by fraudulent information through social networks, the victim did not expect that video calling to authenticate family members was the safest way, which was also faked.

According to technology experts, the method of these objects is usually to search and collect personal information that is publicly posted on social network accounts … to create a scam scenario. When careful victims will call or video to check, they use image collage software to deceive.

Authorities have repeatedly warned people to be especially wary of this sophisticated scam. And when someone asks to borrow money, people need to carefully verify whether it is their friends or relatives.

Recently, victims of fraud in the form of impersonating Facebook, hacking Facebook to cheat money are increasing across the country. Fraudsters use very sophisticated tricks that can happen to anyone and at any time. Scammers call video calls to pretend to be relatives to borrow money, pretend to be children studying abroad, call their parents to ask for money to pay tuition fees, or they can pretend to be certain characters when making friends online dating to serve the scenarios they prepared.

Local police constantly give advice to people, when receiving any message to borrow money through social networks, people need to call their relatives directly to verify. In case of suspecting that the subject is impersonating relatives on social networks to defraud or appropriate property, it is necessary to immediately report it to the nearest police agency for timely support and handling.

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Source : Genk