‘Walking’ to the sky when everything goes well, forgetting the days of self-destruction when failing, is Elon Musk too arrogant?

Tram Ho

There is a joke that bosses at Tesla often whisper to each other: If you are too close to CEO Elon Musk, one day you may be “burnt out”. “Living quietly, avoiding attention instead of getting close to the sun” – this seems to be a survival strategy at the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

According to Greek Mythology, Icarus – son of the talented Greek craftsman Daedalus ignored his father’s warning and flew too high, causing his wax wings to melt. Icarus fell into the sea and drowned.

Bloomberg reports that Musk now seems to be in danger of having a case like Icarus. With a total fortune of over $300 billion, Musk is currently the richest person in the world, and no one has reached such a wealth milestone according to Bloomberg’s statistics. He owns nearly 20% of Tesla shares and 50% of SpaceX shares. His personal fortune has grown at rocket speed as the world has become more embracing electric vehicles and opening up to space flights. In Tesla’s home state of California, zero-emission vehicles now account for 11% of new vehicle sales.

Vênh váo lên trời khi mọi thứ suôn sẻ, quên hẳn những ngày tháng từng tự hủy hoại bản thân khi thất bại, liệu Elon Musk có đang quá ngạo mạn? - Ảnh 1.

Most entrepreneurs who “fly” to the present level like Musk have considered it a victory. They started thinking about succession plans and started shifting their focus to other things like charity work.

However, Musk is just getting into the game, and his Twitter run is still reaching new highs.

He mocked Jeff Bezos that the Amazon founder only won a “Silver Medal” when the wealth gap between the two was widening. He told the director of the United Nations’ World Food Program that in order for him to contribute $6 billion to help the world fight hunger, the agency must do public and transparent accounting.

Last week, Hertz announced plans to buy 100,000 Tesla cars – a deal that, if true, would be the biggest in the auto industry. But Musk later poured cold water on him, saying he “had not signed the contract yet”. Tesla shares immediately fell.

As we announced last week, Hertz has placed first orders for 100,000 Tesla electric vehicles and is currently investing in charging infrastructure across its global operations. Tesla vehicles have begun to ship. We have seen strong demand for Tesla vehicles in our fleet. That reflects strong market demand for Tesla vehicles .”

So what exactly is Elon Musk doing? If there was no contract, why would Hertz confidently announce the deal? Did they agree on the terms or not? Or Musk – so supernatural that “smells” Tesla is dumping cars for Hertz and he voiced a reminder to this company that they will not receive any incentives.

Bloomberg reporter Dana Hull, who wrote this article, has been following Tesla for a decade, from the company’s rise from a risky Silicon Valley startup to the world’s largest automaker. In that journey, Musk broke all the mold to become a modern CEO. He is not afraid to smoke marijuana right at the interview, push a mid-level Tesla boss when this person asks him to quit during the company’s difficult times or even commit securities fraud. Musk’s admirers praised and praised that insolence, arrogance, and originality. The Tesla board also ” slaps water with the rain “.

Hopefully, for Musk’s own sake and that of his employees, Musk doesn’t suddenly fail. He proved himself to be his greatest enemy: Self-destructive during hard times in 2018, extremely complacent when things were going well. Currently, the 50-year-old man is still passionately pursuing his dream of conquering Mars as well as the clean energy revolution. According to Dana Hull, the biggest risk at the moment for Musk is probably CONFIDENCE.

Source: Bloomberg

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