Vsmart’s new phones are discounted after just a few weeks of launch

Tram Ho

A few weeks ago, Vietnamese smartphone brand VinSmart officially launched a new product, the Vsmart Active 3. This is the first Vsmart with a retractable camera design, a full screen display and a colorful back.

Điện thoại mới của Vsmart giảm giá chỉ sau vài tuần ra mắt - Ảnh 1.

Vsmart Active 3

Vsmart Active 3 is priced at VND 4,490,000 by VinSmart for 4GB RAM and VND 4,990,000 for 6GB RAM version. However, in reality, the amount that users need to spend is not so high.

Referring to a number of major phone retail systems such as The Gioi Di Dong and FPT Shop, Vsmart Active 3 is priced at VND 4.19 million and VND 4.59 million, a decrease of VND 300,000-400,000 compared to the initial level.

Điện thoại mới của Vsmart giảm giá chỉ sau vài tuần ra mắt - Ảnh 2.

Major retail systems reduced Active 3 prices to VND 4.19 / 4.59 million

However, in some smaller retail systems, users who buy Vsmart Active 3 also receive some additional gifts such as bluetooth headsets, bluetooth speakers or power banks. Users can redeem these gifts in cash, thereby reducing the price directly on the product. Specifically, after deducting gifts, the price of Active 3 is only about 3.5-4 million VND, 1 million cheaper than the initial price announced by VinSmart.

Điện thoại mới của Vsmart giảm giá chỉ sau vài tuần ra mắt - Ảnh 3.

An e-commerce site is also selling Active 3 for only VND 3.59 / 3.89 million

With this price, Vsmart Active 3 is a very attractive product in the segment of <4 million. This is a rare cheap machine equipped with an AMOLED screen overflow with a selfie camera poked out, accompanied by a cluster of 3 main cameras with 48MP resolution and super wide-angle photography capabilities. The remaining products in the same price segment, including those from China, are also not equipped with these technologies.

Điện thoại mới của Vsmart giảm giá chỉ sau vài tuần ra mắt - Ảnh 4.

Vsmart Active 3 is a rare smartphone in its segment with a retractable camera design

VinSmart has set a goal of “spending 30% of Vietnam’s smartphone market share by the slowest by 2020”. As the deadline is near, it seems Vsmart is using the selling price as a way to attract Vietnamese users. Earlier, the Vsmart Live was also cut by half-price by VinSmart (from VND 7 million to just over VND 3 million) after only 3 months of launch.

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Source : Genk