VSCode – how to zoom code only (not the whole app zoom)

Tram Ho

I practice writing posts, hope you support. First lesson.

In VSCode, if you want to zoom in the code to make it easier to see, it zooms the whole application. It’s nice but sometimes we just want to enlarge the code, how to do it?

Method 1 : manually adjust font size to enlarge (slightly annoying)

Method 2 : There is always support extension, name as shown below:

And the shortcut to use is:

  • Increase font size: Ctrl / Cmd and +
  • Decrease font size: Ctrl / Cmd and
  • Reset font size to default: Ctrl / Cmd and 0

Note the + and – sign next to the Back Space key, but if used next to the number pad, the default will zoom the whole app. Sincerely – quocdungabc

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Source : Viblo