“Voice Technology” A turning point for the digital user experience

Tram Ho

A picture of a smart life was introduced by Le Ngoc Tuan, Product Manager of FPT Play Rogo at Vietnam Web Summit 2019 – Hanoi area. These are stories where a user can completely control a car, a robot or any electronic device with his own voice. This issue quickly attracted the special attention of the participants here.

“Công nghệ Giọng nói” Bước ngoặt trải nghiệm người dùng thời đại số - Ảnh 1.

FPT Play Rogo Product Manager – Le Ngoc Tuan discussed

“Voice technology” at Vietnam Web Summit 2019 – Hanoi area

Mr. Tuan first mentioned that FPT is doing and developing a smart platform that can control its home devices by voice, which is FPT Play Rogo. In a context where the world is following the trend of voice technology such as smartphones with Siri or Google assistant … in order to serve their users in the smartest way.

In many countries around the world, every family now has a few smart devices that integrate voice control services, such as buying air tickets, train tickets … These are all new technologies that Vietnam needs to use is also very large so the market certainly grows very fast. Therefore, FPT Play Rogo was born with a smart method of integrating many protocol platforms together to bring a completely new experience but very simple and easy to use.

In his presentation, Mr. Tuan directly gave examples made by himself at home, such as turning on / off the light, turning colors on or off, transferring the program on TV equipment, transmitters. music. All just use the voice via the remote control of FPT Play Box +. Mr. Tuan shared that, in the coming time when FPT Play Rogo cooperates with many other domestic and foreign enterprises to integrate household electronic products, the current FPT Play Box + can do many things. Moreover.

The next problem mentioned by Mr. Tuan is the automatic switchboard. To express this content, Mr. Tuan performed a live simulation to all the audience present in the hall. An automatic call from the operator has been made to Mr. Tuan’s mobile device.

“Công nghệ Giọng nói” Bước ngoặt trải nghiệm người dùng thời đại số - Ảnh 2.

Immediately, Mr. Tuan immediately communicated with this automated switchboard. A very natural conversation was taking place. Compared to the previous automatic call from the operator, this voice call is easier to hear, not too “rambling” and especially the response is very fast and natural.

From that, automatic switchboard is becoming an indispensable trend of the era as a turning point in the experience of digital users. At the same time, this is also a premise to free human labor and save labor costs for any business.

Previously, the virtual assistant product built by FPT.AI has received much attention at FPT Tech day 2019, which took place on November 21. The virtual assistant FPT.AI has created automatic conversations to confirm the participation of users registering to attend the event in Vietnamese with very natural intonation.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ