VNPT is the first unit to integrate payment by Mobile Money on the National Public Service Portal

Tram Ho

Thus, besides current payment methods such as: e-wallets/bank accounts, now users of the National Public Service Portal have a new payment channel. Simple – Safe – Convenient to use is Mobile Money – VNPT Pay. This is VNPT’s effort in diversifying payment methods, contributing to optimizing user experience as well as gradually improving the efficiency of electronic payments, towards building a digital economy as well as a digital government. . With the great value that Payment Platform brings to society, on December 11, Payment Platform was honored to reach the Top 10 Excellent Digital Platforms at the Digital Technology Product Award Ceremony and Announcement Ceremony. Make in Vietnam 2021.

VNPT là đơn vị đầu tiên tích hợp thanh toán bằng Mobile Money trên Cổng Dịch vụ công Quốc gia - Ảnh 1.

The Payment Platform, integrated on the National Public Service Portal, provides level 4 public services to help people and businesses save time and effort in making online payments for services. public administration; On the other hand, it helps State management agencies to quickly and automatically process procedures and documents, thereby reducing work pressure, contributing to simplifying payment procedures and transparent management. State budget management.

According to statistics from the Government Office, in the first 11 months of 2021, there were 248 million visits with 1.2 million registered accounts, 2.4 million records made through the Gateway, over 200,000 payment transactions. Payment via Payment Platform with a total payment amount of up to 520 billion VND. These are clear data demonstrating that the Payment Platform has been making a significant contribution to the digital transformation of administrative procedures, improving the management efficiency of the State and creating convenience for customers. citizen.

VNPT là đơn vị đầu tiên tích hợp thanh toán bằng Mobile Money trên Cổng Dịch vụ công Quốc gia - Ảnh 2.

Integrating more Mobile Money payment methods into the Payment Platform on the Gateway, will definitely create even greater values ​​for the digital transformation of the nation’s economy. With Mobile Money service, VNPT offers customers a Simple – Safe – Convenient and accessible financial experience, removing barriers inherent in the field of digital financial services. Customers can use their VinaPhone subscription as a bank account, with full functions: Deposit, withdraw, transfer money and pay for all services. Thanks to this feature, Mobile Money is suitable for all classes of people across the country.

The rapid and urgent deployment of connection and provision of payment via Mobile Money on VNPT’s National Public Service Portal is of great significance not only to people in the city but also to people living in the city. Rural areas, borders, islands… Through Mobile Money account on VNPT Pay application, users can easily pay for essential services such as electricity, water, tuition fees, etc. public services such as taxes, fees, charges… in a simple and fast way without the need for a bank account.

VNPT là đơn vị đầu tiên tích hợp thanh toán bằng Mobile Money trên Cổng Dịch vụ công Quốc gia - Ảnh 3.

Mobile Money-VNPT Pay is quickly provided on the Payment Platform of the National Public Service Portal, promising a future of “popularized” and easy access to and use of financial services. much more, that’s what the Government, businesses as well as people are wanting.

Integrated with leading technologies of banking and telecommunications such as eKYC, AI/Bigdata, Machine Learning, QR code; contactless payment solutions such as NFC, sound waves, …, Mobile Money is considered the leading safe and convenient payment solution for customers today.

To use Mobile Money – VNPT Pay, customers need to be an official VinaPhone subscriber, have activation time and use continuously for at least 03 months from the time of registration to use Mobile Money account.

Ways to register MM-VNPT Pay account (free):

– Compose DK and send to 9191

– Dial to *9191#

– Via VNPT PAY application

– Out to VinaPhone transaction points nationwide.

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