VNeID and applications are required after removing the household registration book and residence certificate in administrative procedures

Tram Ho

The development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has fundamentally changed all aspects of social life. If in the past when doing administrative procedures, it was necessary to have personal papers, now only with applications installed on smartphones, you can use the service extremely convenient.


Electronic identification application – VNeID, developed by the national population data center of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, provides online utilities for people in the electronic environment. VNeID helps identify citizens in a digital environment, replacing traditional personal papers and providing many other benefits to citizens. This is considered the most important application, a must have for every citizen.

VNeID và các ứng dụng cần phải có sau khi bỏ sổ hộ khẩu, giấy xác nhận cư trú trong thủ tục hành chính - Ảnh 1.

VNeID (e-identification application) has the value of replacing traditional papers, helping to quickly perform online public services and many other utilities…

Accordingly, users can use VNeID to perform online public services such as: residence notice, permanent residence registration, temporary residence declaration, temporary absence,… declaration form, reducing many procedural steps to be resolved.

VNeID application can also replace the CCCD with chip and integrated registered documents displayed on this application such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, health insurance, etc.

When people do administrative transactions, they will minimize the papers they have to carry and easily carry out financial transactions such as paying electricity and water bills, paying social insurance and health insurance, transferring money, …

VNeID is supported on devices using Android 5.0 or higher operating system and iOS 9 or higher operating system. As a rule, each VNeID electronic identification account can only log in on a single device at a time.


VssID – Digital Social Insurance is an information service application on the mobile device platform of Vietnam Social Security. VssID application provides information on payment and entitlement to social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance benefits; perform public services online; Health insurance participants can use the image of their health insurance card on the VssID application for medical examination and treatment at health care facilities covered by health insurance nationwide.

VNeID và các ứng dụng cần phải có sau khi bỏ sổ hộ khẩu, giấy xác nhận cư trú trong thủ tục hành chính - Ảnh 2.

Through the VssID application, people can look up essential information such as social insurance and health insurance codes; the process of participating in social insurance and health insurance; Social insurance agency, history and health care facilities covered by health insurance for people

This helps people to control insurance information more actively, saving time looking up that many people did not know where to check or get information before.

VssID helps employees easily track the process of employers paying social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance. Helping employees to monitor and limit the situation that employers do not pay or avoid paying social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premiums for employees. This also contributes to clear publicity and transparency of information for employees;

In addition, VssID also updates daily news about insurance types to help people grasp and update their policies and benefits fully, quickly and accurately.


EVNCPC Customer Service is an application to take care of customers using electricity via smartphones of Central Power Corporation.

VNeID và các ứng dụng cần phải có sau khi bỏ sổ hộ khẩu, giấy xác nhận cư trú trong thủ tục hành chính - Ảnh 3.

EVNCPC Customer Service application supports customers to pay electricity bills online, update information about daily electricity consumption, monthly electricity bills… extremely quickly and conveniently.

With EVNCPC Customer Service, proactively monitoring the power index will help customers control the amount of electricity used to actively, rationally and efficiently use electricity, not let the bill “step up”… or timely issue shows a sudden spike due to leakage, short circuit behind the meter.

When detecting an abnormality in power output, customers who call the hotline of the Central Power Customer Care Center (CPC CC) according to the hotline 19001909 will receive timely advice and support. In urgent cases, CPC CC will transfer the request to Electricity, and will monitor and coordinate with Electricity to solve customer’s request, contact customer survey after Electricity completes the requirements. customer’s request.

In addition to helping customers proactively control electricity usage, customers can look up information: indexing schedule, electricity bill collection point, schedule of temporary interruption of power supply, power consumption, payment information electricity, bill lookup; receive all kinds of notifications such as electricity bill notices (electricity bill notice, payment notice), power supply interruption notice, other notices (survey notice, warning, advertisement…). Customers can pay electricity bills through VNPAY and 33 banks associated with VNPAY.

It is known that at present, EVNCPC is continuing to perfect the solution to automatically send warning messages to customers through the customer care application “EVNCPC CSKH” so that customers can actively monitor the electricity consumption index. . This is one of the practical and effective application solutions when EVNCPC “digital transformation” to better serve customers.

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