vivo T1 series – Vivo’s breakthrough mark on the way to elevate its position

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Faithful to the motto “taking the user as the central factor in creating new technologies” and considering it as a guideline for all activities, vivo’s products are always consumer-oriented, from design, technology to technology. technology to features to accompanying services.

Applying new technology to all segments in Vietnam

In Vietnam, vivo focuses on three main segments: flagship X-series, mid-range V-series and Y-series popular phones. With three main product lines, vivo is reaching almost all user segments.

In particular, vivo X series is aimed at users with high aesthetic taste, strong hardware requirements with the latest X80 series representative just launched in Vietnam, continuing to cooperate strategically with ZEISS to bring a visual experience. High-class mobile photos with cinematic standards. The X80 series duo including the X80 and X80 Pro mark vivo’s relentless efforts to improve user experience through Cinematic mode when shooting movies and photos, leading performance and technology. breakthrough technology.

vivo T1 series - dấu ấn đột phá của vivo trên chặng đường nâng tầm vị thế - Ảnh 1.

vivo X80 series stands out with its trendy design, professional photography and video cameras, and powerful performance

On the V-series with the latest product, vivo V23 5G, vivo also invests heavily to bring a smartphone model suitable for young users. vivo V23 5G pioneers in equipping a market-leading selfie camera that delivers impressive portrait photos combined with a design with sharp optical technology and outstanding fast 5G equipment.

vivo T1 series - dấu ấn đột phá của vivo trên chặng đường nâng tầm vị thế - Ảnh 2.

Equipped with a duo of 50MP AF front-facing cameras along with an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, the V23 5G sets a new standard for mobile photography with its trendy looks.

Not only investing in high-end and mid-range lines, vivo also brings many advanced technologies into the mainstream by bringing 5G network to more users while keeping competitive prices and outstanding technologies.

vivo T1 series - dấu ấn đột phá của vivo trên chặng đường nâng tầm vị thế - Ảnh 3.

Y series products have outstanding designs and are equipped with new technology in the popular price range.

vivo and impressive transformation with T1 series

Recently launched on May 19 in Vietnam market, vivo T1 series is a new step of vivo aimed at serving customers who like games with good performance in the price range. Continuing to affirm the philosophy of putting the user at the center of development and focusing on building human joy, the T1 series offers a leading gaming experience in a sophisticated and slim design. Thereby, continue to build trust in the hearts of current and potential customers.

vivo T1 series - dấu ấn đột phá của vivo trên chặng đường nâng tầm vị thế - Ảnh 4.

vivo T1 series is vivo’s breakthrough mark on the way to elevate its status.

With the T1 series product line, vivo marks a clear transformation when pioneering to make a new mark in the mid-range gaming phone segment that vivo has never participated in before. This step is a challenge and also an opportunity for vivo to reach new users with products that are refined from design, performance to photography capabilities, meeting the needs of users from gaming to tasks. smooth everyday with no lag.

Compared to other performance phones, vivo T1 5G owns the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G chip in the price range for smooth handling of a variety of tasks, from work processing, entertainment, gaming. come study.

vivo T1 series - dấu ấn đột phá của vivo trên chặng đường nâng tầm vị thế - Ảnh 5.

Powered by the most powerful performance in the segment, vivo T1 series for a smooth, breakthrough entertainment experience

Satisfying all needs from gaming to daily tasks, there is also the support of 3 Combo Turbo – 8-layer cooling system, 6.44 inch 90Hz AMOLED screen and Camera that breaks all limits. In particular, the 8-layer Cooling Turbo liquid cooling system helps the machine always keep a stable cool temperature and bring the highest performance.

In addition, the set of 3 quality cameras in the segment equipped on the T1 series promises to bring a multi-dimensional photography experience, so that users can capture great details in all situations of life.

vivo T1 series - dấu ấn đột phá của vivo trên chặng đường nâng tầm vị thế - Ảnh 6.

With all its strengths and top-of-the-line equipment, this is the most powerful phone in its price segment

In Vietnam market, T1 5G is priced at 7,990,000 VND and T1x is priced at 4,490,000 VND for the version (4+64GB) and 5,990,000 VND for the version (8+128GB). Users can own vivo T1 series products with preferential prices of up to VND 1,000,000 when ordering products on e-commerce platforms. With the message “Turbo On Hand, Play as the Neck”, the rookie of the vivo T1 series smartphone village is confident to let users “resonate” thanks to good and suitable equipment in the price segment.

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