vivo stirs up the smartphone market with flagship X70 Pro

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After the recent product launch event on the evening of September 22, vivo “stirred” the Vietnamese smartphone market with the flagship X70 Pro. Following the success of the X60 Pro product launched last year, this year’s X70 Pro generation continues to improve the quality of both the camera, design and performance, providing a more complete experience in terms of elements. hardware and software.

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Like most of the previous X-series, the X70 Pro focuses on improving camera performance by partnering with ZEISS, the leading German lens manufacturer. This is also a factor that is of interest to vivo users with recently launched product lines.

Outstanding design with AG glass coated with Huynh Thach

The characteristic design of this year’s X70 Pro series is a factor that makes the user’s smartphone experience more complete. The back of the X70 Pro is a high-end glass back, covered with a layer of Huynh Thach AG, for a completely different grip experience.

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The back of vivo X70 Pro is equipped with exclusive Huynh Thach AG coating technology, creating a premium grip experience and helping to stand out from other product lines on the market.

The X70 Pro version sold in Vietnam market has two color options, Black Galaxy and Aurora Blue, the device’s appearance is designed in a minimalist style with the highlight of the cloud valley camera cluster inspired the rise and fall from mountains and forests, creating a feeling of relaxation and balance for the user.

Continue to cooperate with ZEISS in making camera lenses

Camera is one of the factors that vivo put first in the development of the X series. Vivo chose to cooperate with the leading lens manufacturer ZEISS with more than 170 years of experience in Germany, combined with algorithms. image processing developed by vivo itself over many years to be able to enhance image quality.

Vivo equips the X70 Pro with a quad-camera system with a 50MP main camera, using a Sony-designed IMX766V sensor. The sensor has a pixel size of only 2 micrometers, for high image detail and outstanding light sensitivity. According to the announcement, the camera sensor on the X70 Pro captures 4.6% more light passing through and increases light sensitivity to 56.25% compared to conventional sensors. Not only that, the vivo X70 Pro is also one of the rare smartphones on the market equipped with a lens with ZEISS T* coating, which meets ZEISS’ strict standards for lens and optical quality.

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The camera on the X70 Pro has gone through an extremely rigorous process overseen by ZEISS itself, resulting in the best quality lenses.

Besides, vivo’s latest flagship brings an 8MP Perspective Camera that supports 5x optical and 60x digital zoom, and a 12MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera that takes super close-ups at a distance of only 2.5 cm. And finally, the 12MP professional portrait lens with a 50mm equivalent focal length is enhanced by a host of technologies from ZEISS, making portrait shots stand out.

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Photos taken from the X70 Pro’s ZEISS camera give the closest quality to what the human eye can perceive

The process of cooperation with ZEISS is also reflected in the portrait mode to remove fonts. The X70 Pro is equipped with four shooting modes that simulate ZEISS’s four legendary lenses: Biotar (swirl bokeh), Sonnar (smooth bokeh), Planar (circular bokeh) and Distagon (hexagonal bokeh), helping users Get creative with different portraits.

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Take portraits with Biotar, bokeh is reproduced with beautiful swirls

Cooperation with ZEISS is just the first step in vivo’s efforts to improve camera quality, the factor that makes the vivo X series’ brand cannot fail to mention the Gimbal anti-shake system, which has now been upgraded to the 3.0 generation. .

Exclusive Super-Sensor Gimbal 3.0 Camera Stabilization System

Since the X50 Pro, vivo pioneered Gimbal anti-shake technology for high-end flagships, providing a noticeable anti-shake effect. In the new 3.0 generation, Gimbal anti-shake technology continues to improve, applying for the ability to shoot on X70 Pro.

According to vivo, with the new generation of Gimbal anti-shake technology, the anti-shake effect is improved by 2 times compared to the previous generation and 6 times compared to ordinary phones, especially when recording motion videos.

vivo khuấy động thị trường smartphone với flagship X70 Pro - Ảnh 6.

The application of Gimbal anti-shake technology when recording fast-moving videos

Not only improving video recording, Gimbal 3.0 anti-shake technology also helps improve impressive low-light shooting on the X70 Pro. Thanks to the new Gimbal anti-shake technology, the images produced by the X70 Pro’s camera in low light are not shaken, blurred and completely bright.

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City. Ho Chi Minh City, the season of distance through the lens of vivo X70 Pro (Photo taken by photographer Minh Hoa)

Besides, vivo also has significant improvements in night shooting with the addition of Super Night Video mode to help users get quality and bright enough videos even in low light conditions. dim light. Real-Time Extreme Night Vision with an updated noise reduction algorithm, the X70 Pro allows photographers to preview images in real time even in extremely low light.

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Super Night mode on X70 Pro improves video brightness

Thanks to pioneering camera technology to optimize the photography experience on the X70 Pro, this is the product line that represents vivo’s “Humanistic Joy” spirit: Wishing every user had the tools. perfect for capturing your vibes in the most authentic and clear way.

Powerful performance with the Dimensity 1200 . chipset

Supporting users’ daily tasks is the Dimensity 1200 chip from MediaTek, designed specifically for vivo’s X70 Pro. With an AnTuTu score of nearly 720,000 points, vivo X70 Pro offers strong performance, topping the high-end segment.

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Dimensity 1200 is an open source chipset designed specifically for smartphone manufacturers. From there, vivo can customize features such as AI, multimedia processing as well as camera performance to better match the user experience.

Combined with a powerful processor is 12GB of RAM and vivo’s exclusive extended RAM technology. This technology allows to expand the RAM capacity of the device to 16GB, helping the phone to open more than 30 applications at the same time and still run smoothly. Compared to conventional smartphones, the X70 Pro’s performance in case of needing to open many applications is improved by up to 50%.

vivo khuấy động thị trường smartphone với flagship X70 Pro - Ảnh 10.

X70 Pro features vivo exclusive expandable RAM technology with a total RAM capacity of 16GB

In addition, the Dimensity 1200 processor also brings super-fast 5G support to the X70 Pro series, so users will get the fastest network speed experience, especially when watching 4K videos and playing games. The test 5G network speed in Vietnam can reach 2Gbps, 100 times higher than the currently used 4G network.

With a 4450mAh battery with 44W fast charging technology, the X70 Pro can provide a long day of work and entertainment. The included 44W charger is capable of fully charging the battery in just about 30 minutes.

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Sale price and pre-order program

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Vivo X70 Pro is currently being sold in Vietnam market with a price of 19.990,000 VND with two color options: Galaxy Black and Aurora Blue.

The X70 Pro pre-order program will start from September 23 to October 3 with preferential prices and attractive gifts such as free 3 million VND, Foomee HH17 bluetooth speaker, 6-month breakage warranty, warranty 18 months machine and 0% installment option.

Product details HERE.

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