Vivo secretly researched smartphones equipped with cameras that can be detached and turned into mini drones

Tram Ho

A new patent from Vivo reveals that the Chinese smartphone company may be working on a smartphone with unique features. Accordingly, this machine will be equipped with a detachable camera module and fly like a drone.

Vivo bí mật nghiên cứu smartphone trang bị camera có thể tách rời và biến thành drone mini - Ảnh 1.

According to LetsGoDigital , Vivo filed a patent application with WIPO last year and was only granted it on July 1.

Looking at the patent image can see, this idea is really interesting and if applied on smartphones, it will create a new technology trend of the future. At first glance, the smartphone is quite similar to current smartphones. But when the camera is detached from the machine, it can become a pretty handy mini drone.

The interesting thing is that the device’s camera is integrated right in the body without taking up space or causing trouble when moving like peripheral devices.

Talking about this detachable module, the flying camera is equipped with four propellers that make it able to fly like a mini drone. It will certainly equip a battery separate from the main battery of the smartphone and integrate an image sensor on the module.

Another interesting aspect regarding this flying camera module is the fact that it has two infrared sensors on different sides. These sensors will support many functions. But its main goal is to keep the module from hitting other objects in flight.

Vivo bí mật nghiên cứu smartphone trang bị camera có thể tách rời và biến thành drone mini - Ảnh 2.

That said, this mini drone camera module will have an automatic tracking mode to track the user and fly automatically. It can also support hand gestures. Unfortunately, the patent application does not reveal details about this.

Notably, the design of this camera cum drone is similar to the Air Pix, which is a flying camera product. However, this device is over 10cm in size. So the version from Vivo will have to be smaller to fit in a smartphone.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether Vivo is actually researching and developing such a device. Because from being a patent to becoming a finished product is not easy and will have to go through a long development time. However, the technology world is very much looking forward to such a unique device in the future.

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